River Island LED Lightboxes

The Client
River Island is worldwide high street fashion brand with a UK headquarters. Established in 1948 it remains a private family company.

The Challenge
River Island wanted to install new LED-lit light boxes as part of a store refurbishment project. Each light box would have a removable advertising ‘skin’ on the front which they wanted Dominion to provide, working alongside the light box manufacturer. The initial order was 1200 but this would rise as more stores became due for refurbishment. However, River Island did not have a central register of the technical specifications for each store so it was impossible to assess exactly where each light box would go, or even what sizes were required.

The Solution
Dominion staff went out on the road to assess and create a technical display register for each individual River Island store.  We noted the optimum display areas in each store, identified which stores already had light boxes, where they were, how large they were, what problems they posed each time staff were required to change the promotional skins, and generally scoped the project. As a result, we were not only able to propose and print the requisite number of light box skins, we also solved store-specific problems. These included the precarious position of the existing light box half way up the escalator of their flagship store, which required scaffolding at a cost of £1200 each time the skin was changed. Dominion built a structure for the adjacent staircase that followed the contours of the escalator and created a platform to which a stepladder could be fixed and stabilised, enabling staff to change the display skin themselves in complete safety.

The Impact
River Island gained the light box displays they wanted, gained new knowledge of the technical display capacity of their stores, and saved costs on each subsequent change of promotions display. As a result, Dominion has become a trusted supplier, installing display materials in all but one of River Island’s UK stores.