4 Reasons Why You Need an Engaging Event Floor Plan

The layout of your event has a huge impact on whether your guests leave feeling excited or underwhelmed. Even if the event is held in one room, you’ll need to think about how you want people to move around the space. So, putting a floor plan together isn’t something you should rush – here are four reasons why. 

  1. Increase Visitor Engagement
  2. Boost Sales
  3. Effectively Manage Health and Safety
  4. Improve Each Visitor’s Experience

Exhibition floor plan

Creating the Perfect Event Floor Plan


1. Increase Visitor Engagement

With an engaging event floor plan, visitors can move around the event efficiently, interacting with all of the different exhibits, businesses and vendors that are in attendance. 

This not only ensures that visitors get the most from the event, but it also prevents any vendor or business from feeling as though they’ve been treated unfairly. 

A poorly put together floor plan can create spaces that attendees naturally don’t move into. Any business that’s set up in one of those spots won’t be happy with their lack of visitors. 

If exhibitors feel as though the event isn’t worth their time, then they’re unlikely to want to return in the future and won’t speak very highly when giving feedback to their colleagues. Create a balanced floor plan and you’ll ensure visitors engage with everyone.


2. Boost Sales

If attendees are visiting every booth and vendor, then sales are likely to be up across the board. All visitors are given the opportunity to buy from any of the vendors that are exhibiting at the event. Or whatever the equivalent of a “sale” is at your event.

You should also think about the path that visitors will take through the event and when they’ll be most ready to make purchases. It’s unlikely that they’ll want to immediately buy items as soon as they walk through the doors. 

This is because they’d rather get to grips with where everything is. Plus, they probably don’t want to carry bags around with them all day. 

This could mean that it’s best to have vendors towards the end of a visitor’s ‘path’ as they’ll be more likely to have decided what they want to buy after they’ve seen everything. This, of course, depends on the kind of event you’re hosting and the vendors that are present.


3. effectively manage Health and Safety

You’ll already have considered fire exits and procedures to follow in the event of an emergency, but an engaging floor plan can ease other health and safety worries. 

You’ll be responsible for the wellbeing of all the visitors that attend your event. As they move around the space, you need to ensure that they’re comfortable and there are no bottlenecks. 

Having an effective floor plan eases any potential visitor congestion. When you’re creating the floor plan, think about where people are most likely to congregate and how you can make sure that space will be safe for everyone. 

It can be as simple as directing the flow of visitor traffic efficiently so not all of the paths lead to the same place. Or, you can make sure the most popular exhibits aren’t close to each other so that large crowds don’t appear. 


4. Improve Each Visitor’s Experience

It’s important to remember the impact that everything has on the actual attendees when you’re drawing up your floor plan. 

For example, the plan you’ve created might be a work of art, but if it’s overly complicated and difficult to understand, then visitors are going to have a bad time. Think about their needs and what they’re hoping to get out of your event when putting the plan together.

When the plan is finalised and everything is ready, make sure the plan is easily accessible for all visitors. It needs to include all of the important information they might need, like fire exits, toilets, food vendors and the WiFi password. Plus, the plan itself should be mobile-friendly so visitors can quickly access it on the move. 

You might not have realised just how wide the repercussions of a floor plan are. We recommend that you take your time when putting it together and that you consider the needs of both your vendors and visitors – making sure both parties are happy. To see previous examples of effective floor plans, take a look at our free library.


get some ready-made event floor plans now

If you’re not sure where to start with your floor plan, then worry not. We’ve put together a library of templates that you can access below. It covers why a floor plan is so important before showcasing a few different examples that are great if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration. 

Download the library of floor plan templates for events now using the link below.