4D Projection Mapping – How You Can Pull Off This Captivating Masterpiece

How do you turn a good campaign into a great one? 4D projection mapping. 

This is also known as video mapping, or for a more sci-fi version, spatial augmented reality. It’s becoming a popular addition to marketing campaigns and events run by big-name brands. 

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4D projection mapping can turn stationary objects or unexciting venues, into rich, colourful narratives that enrich the look of your visual branding.

If you’re interested in employing this innovative and engaging technology at your next event, we’ve got all the information you need.


  1. How Does 4D Projection Mapping Work?
  2. How To Use 4D Projection Mapping at Your Event
  3. Incredible Examples of 4D Projection Mapping

how does 4d projection mapping work?

4D projection mapping uses special technology to manipulate and project imagery onto specific surfaces, turning objects or buildings, into interactive three-dimensional displays.

The process begins by taking a 3D scan of the building or object you want to project on. This will then be rendered digitally as a mask using software such as Resolume Arena, so that visuals and imagery can be built around it. This ensures that when it comes to projection, the images will fit the surfaces.

The modelling software, such as Grasshopper for Rhino, renders the object and allows a team to determine a camera placing, essentially creating a digital version of the physical space the projector/s will be placed. From this point, the digital model will be used as a reference point. The projector/s will then be physically aligned with the object.

how to use 4D projection mapping at your next event

determine a budget

4D projection mapping can be affordable and represent a money-saving option for your business. Costs are reduced as you don’t have to spend time and effort on physical decorations or large branding. Be realistic with your goals and consult professionals such as Dominion Print on an initial idea. We can advise in terms of what is possible when it comes to the type of projection and scale.

For more information on budget, visit our blog on the costs of projection mapping. 

focus on your creative vision

What is it that’s attracting to you 4D projection mapping? How does it fit in with your event or campaign? What content can you create that would suit the medium?



Augmented Reality – Projection Mapping from Dane Luttik on Vimeo.

The imagery or video used for projection mapping should be visually engaging. They should also be chosen within the context of the event. If your event is in a large warehouse, why not make use of large images for wall surfaces? If it’s a more formal event you’re holding with tables for guests, why not project onto the individual tables themselves? 

choose your surface

The larger the space or object, the more projectors you’ll need. Any object has natural focal points that the eye is drawn to. When collaborating on a design, make sure to exploit these focal points for maximum impact. 

Consider where your guests will see the projection the most often and what kind of surface you want to project on – a non-reflective surface will allow the image to be displayed most accurately.

If you’re considering projecting onto a building, read our blog on architectural projection mapping. 

create your visuals

Visuals can be created using software such as Adobe After Effects but we wouldn’t recommend creating them with no prior experience. 

The best way to carry out this stage is by having your creative team collaborate with an experienced visual agency

remember to gain permission

If you decide to project onto a building or other public property, ensure you have permission from the building owner and the local government.

Make sure that the projection is away from main roads so that drivers are not distracted, and that the projection does not infringe on anyone’s privacy.

Furthermore, make sure the images you use will not result in copyright infringement. 

find an experienced agency

The benefits of working with an experienced visual agency are as follows:


  • Projections will be thoroughly tested to ensure success.
  • These teams will have access to specialist resources.
  • Creative input from industry experts will be available to you.
  • You can rest assured knowing the final product will be delivered on time and on budget.

incredible examples of 4D projection mapping

Here are a few different examples of top quality projection mapping from around the world to inspire you going forward with this incredible and versatile technology:

Nokia Lumia Projection Mapping

Here, Nokia used projection mapping to turn an entire building into an audio-visual narrative. The size and spectacle of this event allowed for a huge audience.

Peugeot Motion & Emotion 4D Video-Mapping Projection in Brazil

Peugeot used 4D projection mapping to enhance their ‘Let Your Body Drive’ campaign. The show incorporated real life special effects such as wind and rain, further adding to the immersive experience. The performance was influenced by gesture-controlled graphics, as a live performer was also involved, similar to how a video game player influences the world around them.

SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 – 4D Video Mapping (2012)

Samsung created a hugely impressive use of projection mapping when promoting the Galaxy S3. The event showcases projection on not one building, but three.

These are just three examples of how projection mapping can enhance a visual experience tenfold. Using the technology can truly allow not only your event, but your brand to come alive. It takes visual marketing that step further, turning a marketing campaign into a piece of art, something that is instantly unforgettable.

Now you’ve seen the fantastic examples of projection mapping and are equipped with the knowledge, are you ready to incorporate 4D projection mapping into your next campaign?

discover projection mapping expertise today

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