5 Benefits of Having the Right Store Floor Plan

It’s essential to have a store floor plan but it’s even more important to have one that’s right for your business. The right store floor plan can completely change the way customers interact with your store, how your space is utilised and even increase your ROI.


Here are some of the other benefits you can reap if you have the right store floor plan:

  1. Reflect the Exclusivity of Your Brand
  2. Engage Customers and Bring Them in to Your Store
  3. Encourage Impulse Buys 
  4. Longer Shopping Sprees
  5. Helps You Make the Most of Your Space

1. Reflect the Exclusivity of Your Brand

Luxury clothing stores and tech giants typically take a minimalistic, “less is more” approach to their layout. This floor plan is right for their affluent business and it might be for yours too.

A spacious floorplan paired with clean lines, concrete and muted colours can reflect the exclusivity of your brand. The most obvious embodiment of minimalist design is Apple. Customers aren’t bombarded with products, colours and imagery as the store is stripped back to basics.

Apple have set up shop in large spaces for something that fits in your pocket. What does that tell you about the exclusivity and quality of their product? 

Think of discount stores and bargain shops. Their cluttered and chaotic layout isn’t accidental. It’s on purpose to emphasise their low prices and increase urgency from buyers.

If you’re a high fashion brand or specialise in tech, when dispersing your products throughout your store, you can benefit from being tactical and limited with the displays to create a more opulent layout.


2. Engage Customers and Bring Them in to Your Store

Shoppers decide whether they like your store within the first 15 seconds of entering. Creating a welcoming and inviting layout with the right store floor plan can pull them in from the threshold and keep them shopping.

Store floor layouts can play a big part in enticing customers in both retail and hospitality sectors. Here’s how to pull it off:


  • Keep your layout spacious and leave adequate space in the threshold to give your shoppers a relaxed entrance. When shopping, the last thing your customers will want is to be bombarded from the moment they enter a store.


  • Display your star products towards the entrance. This will catch a customer’s eye and the chances are that they’ll venture further into the store.


  • Make it appealing by utilising window displays, large format print, light box advertising and even 3D projection mapping. When used effectively, they can pull in the customer and make them feel like they’re missing out if they’re not having a look around your store.

It’s important to pick a large format print specialist to carry out these visual projects for you. They have the tools and experience to make your floor plans innovative and set you apart from your competition.

At Dominion Print, we’re experts in the large format print industry and have helped various businesses achieve effective floor store plans with our products. Using our expertise, we’ve created compelling visual displays in many sectors and industries, from design all the way through to installation.


3. Encourage Impulse Buys 

According to data collected by BetaBait, impulse buying can help influence a more positive overall shopping experience.

In an effective coffee shop layout, you’ll typically see point of purchase displays right by the counter. For example, biscuits and cakes that might go well with the hot drinks customers are buying. These impulse buys and unplanned purchases all add up and are a major benefit of having the right store floor plan. 

Whether online shopping or finalising a purchase at a brick and mortar store, encouraging customers to purchase more than they planned can be a simple way to boost profits, maximise revenue and improve consumer experience. 


4. Longer Shopping Sprees

When it comes to creating a retail store layout that increases sales, it’s all about the in-store experience the customer has. 

The right store floor plan will encourage customers to browse your goods for longer. Placing popular products strategically around the shop will mean customers traverse from one side to the other, eyeing up your other offerings they might not have previously considered. 

Your checkouts are where your customer’s store experience should come to an end so it’s best practice to place your checkouts far away from your most popular products. This maximises their time spent in your store and increases the chance of additional purchases. 


5. Helps You Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you’re a small business with minimal room and architectural boundaries or a large brand with open plan and too much space, you can get value from optimising your current floor layout.

A herringbone floor plan works for narrow and long stores, with the side walls being used for promo items and making the space seem less cluttered and claustrophobic.

A free-flow plan works well for larger spaces, allowing brands to get creative and not conform to any strict guidelines. You can lean on the behavioural trends of shoppers, adjusting your floor plan as you learn more about your customer base.

Now you know the benefits of having the right store floor plan, it’s the perfect time to learn more about layouts and which one is right for your business. Whether you want to encourage your customers to impulse buy or you want to reflect the exclusivity of your brand, a store floor plan is undoubtedly beneficial for any business.


Get the Floor Template to Start Reaping the Benefits of the Right Store Floor Plan

Regardless of the industry, an effective layout can engage visitors, generate sales and boost brand awareness if done right. 

Wherever you need to make an impact – be it at exhibitions, events, restaurants or the shop floor – we have created our ‘Library Of Floor Plan Templates’ that are guaranteed to elevate your business. Download your templates below to start achieving results.