5 Fantastic Benefits of Digital Print Wallpaper for Businesses

Wallpaper has long been relied on to add a bit of colour, texture and personality to a space. Recent advances in technology and developments in printing have allowed for digital wallpapers to be produced. Digital print wallpaper has the ability to bring empty spaces to life, among other benefits. Here’s what they can bring to businesses.

Printed Wallpaper Examples

The benefits that digital print wallpaper, which is a type of large format printing, can bring to businesses include:

  1. It’s a Real Showstopper
  2. It Can Always Look New – If You Want it to
  3. It’s so Unique, It’s Memorable
  4. It Can Boost Brand Awareness
  5. It’s Durable and Long Lasting


1. It’s a Real Showstopper

Many modern consumers, especially those with a penchant for interior design, don’t like to settle for things off the rack. They prefer something unique and personalised – a quality provided by digital wallpaper.

Digital wallpaper allows for more scope for creativity because you can design a custom wall covering precisely to your taste. There are, of course, many wallpapers with striking prints you can choose from, but there’s only so many. And you’re not only limited by the range, but other people may have them so it won’t give your office or event space the truly unique aesthetic that you want.

You don’t have to choose illustrations and graphics for your digital wallpaper either. Photo murals, also known as fotowalls, can be produced. Not only are they wildly popular in many modern businesses, from hotels to offices, but they are also extremely eye-catching and memorable.

2. It Can Always Look New – If You Want it to

Digital wallpaper is ideal for short runs and can be printed on demand. This means you can always have wallpaper in the most fashionable prints and innovative concepts that always looks new.

This is because digital wallpaper manufacturers doesn’t have to sit on stock, so they can easily print wallpaper whenever you need it. As a result, even the most fashion-conscious businesses can change their wallpaper as often as they change their marketing campaigns.

3. It’s so Unique, It’s Memorable

Because digital wallpaper allows for such a huge scope in creativity, you can create images that are totally unique to your business. You can design anything from simple illustrations to animated graphics. Not only can these designs be showstoppers, but they can be so unique that they’re memorable.

For example, imagine walking into a hotel and seeing a fotowall made up of stunning, high resolution images. It can let you submerge into the hotel surroundings and help promote the relaxing feeling of escape that you crave when paying for a night in a hotel.

This is the sort of effect digital wallpaper can have on your audience and something that you want to achieve on a regular basis.

4. It Can Boost Brand Awareness

Digital wallpaper can be so striking that it prompts you to take a photo of it and share it on social media or send it to your friends. This would help boost that company’s brand awareness.

Now, let’s imagine that it’s your company with the striking digital wallpaper. Every time your attractive prints prompt someone to take a photo and share it, or even just ‘wow’ them so much that they tell other people about it, you’ll be boosting your own brand awareness.

This is what’s great about customisable wallpaper – you can truly make it your own and make sure that your brand is what stands out, not just the design.

5. It’s More Durable and Longer Lasting

Whether you’re using paint or traditional wallpaper, there’s always the risk of chips, marks and stains which will then require fixing. As well as this, sheens, glosses and intensity of colours can quickly fade – meaning that you’ll need to touch up at regular intervals to keep your walls looking fresh. Not only is this time consuming, but it can also ramp up the costs in the long run.

In contrast, digital wallpapers are much more durable, being able to fully resist wear and tear in ways that paint simply can’t. For example, digital wallpapers are tear-resistant and stay looking fresher for longer than traditional papers and paint. This means that you don’t need to top it up or replace it as often, so it saves time and is more cost effective in the long run.

Want to Find Out More About Digital Wallpaper?

When you’re designing a space, wallpaper will be one of the first and main things you’ll consider because what goes on the wall can tie everything in your room together. And not only can it make or break your interior design, but it can also help you create the big impact you need. Digital wallpaper is one of the ways you can do that and there’s much more to it than we’ve covered in this blog.

For more facts on digital wallpaper and other types of large format printing, head over to our one-stop resource page on the topic.