5 Traits of Environmental Print Companies

The printing industry has a poor reputation when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

Well, it’s time that as an industry we did something about it. If the industry all pulls in the same direction, it’ll definitely make for a healthier environment. Which is why, when choosing the company you wish to print with, you need to consider whether they’re printing ethically and environmentally friendly.

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There are certain traits you should look out for in a business to determine whether they’re environmentally friendly or not. Here are some examples…

We’ll cover:

  • Do They Have a Strict Recycling Scheme in Place?
  • Do They Use Recyclable Materials?
  • Are They Conscious About Deliveries and Emissions?
  • Do They Support Charities or Partner With Them?
  • Unnecessary Postage and Waste


Do They Have a Strict Recycling Scheme in Place?

One of the main ways to improve the printing industry’s sustainability levels is by recycling. Whether it’s old machines, cartridges, toners or paper waste, it all can and should be recycled. These products can all be harmful to the environment if they aren’t recycled properly, so the likelihood is that a print supplier won’t be very environmentally friendly if they don’t.

Obviously, a business’ recycling scheme details aren’t the most exciting things to be researching, so it’s hardly going to be front page news on their website and splattered all over their literature. However, companies do like to share their recycling details with you, as it’s a good way of letting people know that they’re supporting the environment and know that people take this into account when deciding whether to print with them.

Businesses will usually post on their “about us” pages about how they recycle and which recycling companies they support. If there are no details there, try the footer on their website and look out for the green recycle symbol.

Do They Use Recyclable Materials?

There are various harmful materials that are used in the printing industry and it’s not efficient nor beneficial to continue to use them. This doesn’t just limit it to the printed products either. Stands and frames can also be made of non-efficient materials. It is possible to find stands and frames that are made out of already-recycled materials. And make sure you re-use them to make your printing regime ultra eco-friendly.

Plus, the ink that printing suppliers use is one of the main contributors to environmental harm from the printing industry. So, when you’re choosing which supplier to go for, check what kinds of ink they’re using and just as importantly how they dispose of waste.

Are They Conscious About Deliveries and Emissions?

It’s not just printing that’s harmful within the industry. As we all know, wagons and lorries produce pollutive toxins and release them into the air. These emissions are terrible for the environment, so deliveries should really be kept to a minimum.

An environmental print company will make sure various orders are delivered on the same delivery round to decrease the amount of pollution their wagons are causing. They will also try and order as much stock as they can to avoid various trips from their suppliers daily, weekly or even monthly. Deliveries should really be kept to a minimum.

Do They Support Charities or Partner With Them?

Whether it’s donating wasted materials to charities or working alongside them to generally support their work, if q business supports a charity, it’s a sign they’re a company with a conscience.

This is a benefit for both parties when choosing to work with a specific printing company. By working with and supporting a charity, the particular business is strengthening their brand image at all times. By opting to work with them, it reflects well on you too as it shows that you’re also doing your bit for charity and can even create some great charitable opportunities.

And you can be safe in the knowledge that any waste that may come from your project, will be donated to charities so that it can then be used for other purposes to benefit others.

Do They Spam You With Unnecessary Postage and Waste?

Yes, there’s been a heavy digital influence over the past few years, but that doesn’t mean that print is dead. Far from it in fact. Printed marketing can still have a real difference, however, sending too much of it can quickly become annoying and can repel potential customers rather than attract them.

Not to mention the amount of waste this is producing too.

Make Sure You Treat Print Sustainably and Ethically

As the printing industry is inherently non-environmentally friendly, you’ll need to compensate by making your business more ethically correct and efficient. There are plenty of ways in which you can easily do this when it comes to your next print project.

Not only can you choose to opt for a sustainable, environmentally friendly printing company, but you can also make changes to your own business too. Whether it’s your own recycling scheme or your company culture, it’s all in our downloadable guide for you to have a look at and address your team accordingly.

If you’re not sure what they are, download our free pack below. It contains everything you need to know on how to operate in a more eco-friendly, ethical way.