6 Off-the-Wall Exhibition Promotion Ideas to Attract Visitors to Your Stand

We’ve probably all been to an event featuring countless stands that don’t have an ounce of inspiration between them. Boring, corporate, stale – with so many bland options out there, it’s no wonder why people struggle to come up with engaging ideas for their own stands.

Don’t worry, we’ve outlined plenty of off-the-wall exhibition promotion ideas in this blog that can help your stands be more compelling, unique and on-brand. Here’s what you can use to inspire you and attract more visitors to your stand.

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  1. Bespoke, Creative Invites

  2. Optical Illusions That Demand Attention

  3. Evoke Emotion with Unique Digital Wallpapers and Assets

  4. Not Sticking to Traditional Four Walls

  5. Clever and Captivating Stands

  6. Dynamic and Fluid Backgrounds with Projection Mapping

1. Bespoke, Creative Invites

You might have the most captivating stand imaginable. That’s great, but if you don’t invite anyone then you’ll only rely on passers-by who might not be too interested. Think about the target accounts, the businesses who you want to talk to and start a conversation with. Send out invites but add some flair to them and create bespoke, creative invitations.

Bespoke invites are a brilliant starting point so people begin to think about you as you capture their interest. By giving them a small yet impressive snippet of how innovative your stand will be, they’re likely to remember you and visit your stand.

Be clever with your wording, make sure your bespoke invites are creative and keep them on-brand so they’re easily associated with you.

Monopoly Wedding InviteImage Credit: Pinterest

wedding key inviteImage Credit: Pinterest

passport invitationImage Credit: Pinterest

2. Optical Illusions That Demand Attention

Whether it’s through floor graphics or your general stand itself, incorporate the wacky and weird into your booth to get your visitors talking. Adding illusions can help make your stand much more memorable and you’ll notice plenty of folk doing double-takes as they walk by.

When done right, illusions help to grab visitor attention and can captivate your potential guests so they wonder what’s going on. 

Although, you don’t need to restrict yourself to strictly illusions. If it doesn’t fit in with the vibe of your brand and stand, then think about printed floor graphics instead as it maximises your blank floor space. Capitalise on it by adding graphics that create interest and attract plenty of visitors so that you can achieve brand immersion even with simple details.

optical illusionImage Credit: Pinterest

simpsons escalatorImage Credit: Pinterest


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3. Evoke Emotion with Unique Digital Wallpapers and Assets

In some cases, flags and banners can work perfectly. If you’re looking to step out-of-the-box and do something different, add some digital touches to your stand. Technology is everywhere so you’d be smart to capitalise on it and add some digital elements. Whether it’s digital wallpapers, impressive light displays or even touchscreens, they can all make a difference.

Digital assets give your guests an opportunity to interact with your stand. They help to make an immediate statement and shows you’re modern and tech-savvy.

Plus, digital features are appealing to look at and aesthetically pleasing.

digital screenImage Credit: Pinterest

sound responsive lightsImage Credit: Event Manager

 playstation 4 standImage Credit: Pinterest

4. Not Sticking to Traditional Four Walls

If you’re struggling to make your booth stand out from the competition, then step away from the traditional four-wall booth and do something unexpected to make your stand more memorable. Think unconventional shapes, an element of secrecy, creative stands, graphics or even take your stand outdoors so you leave a solid impression before guests even get to your competitors.

concert stand with seatsImage Credit: Pinterest

adidas shoeboxImage Credit: Pinterest


5. Clever and Captivating Stands

Without a clever or captivating stand, it’s likely that yours could get lost in the shuffle. Luckily for you, there are so many elements you can add to your stands that’ll let visitors zero-in on your creativity. Think about all of the points above and incorporate those elements as well, ranging from lighting and floor graphics to digital assets and optical illusions.

Add in competitions, social media engagement, a place to relax and offer freebies so you have an all-in-one solution where visitors just won’t want to leave. By adding in all of these elements and whimsical shapes, vibrant colours and unique settings, then you have plenty of exhibition promotion ideas that can keep visitors at your stand for longer.

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dominion hexbug

6. Dynamic and Fluid Backgrounds with Projection Mapping

This idea is a little more ‘out there’ compared to some of the others, but the end results speak for themselves. You’ve probably already come across projection mapping without realising in advertisements, concerts and even at Disneyworld.

If you’ve got the space and budget, then think about implementing augmented reality with some dynamic and fluid backgrounds in the form of projection mapping.

Projection mapping can help you enhance the importance of your stand and further engage your audience through beautiful visual aesthetics. You can add to your stand’s memorability, interactivity and feeling to really make it something visitors can’t ignore.


disneyworld castleImage Credit: Pinterest

projection mappingImage Credit: Pinterest

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