6 Simple In-Store Marketing Tactics to Get You Started

It’s never been easier for a customer to buy the products they need online. So, to compete with the virtual marketplace, brick and mortar stores need to go the extra mile to convince people to head inside and part with their hard-earned cash. Here are a few simple in-store marketing tactics to boost sales.

6 Simple In-Store Marketing Tactics to Get You Started


Using In-Store Marketing to Increase Footfall

There’s no guaranteed way of boosting your customer figures, but these tips give your store the best chance of seeing immediate results.

Start a Rewards Scheme

It’s easy to focus on attracting as many new visitors as possible to your store, but it’s crucial you remember to think about customers that have already spent money with you. Marketing tactics like loyalty programs ensure they become repeat customers and regularly return.

Think of ways that customers can earn points or rewards to tempt them into visiting again. Early access to sale items and vouchers to spend in-store are both great incentives that help someone to choose you over your competition.


Limited Time Events

Hold limited time events to raise awareness and encourage shoppers to visit. For example, an exclusive 24-hour sale is a great way of boosting sales and creating a buzz around your store.

Themed events make you stand out from your competitors and are an easy way of letting unaware customers know who you are and what you have to offer them. Run a successful event and you’ll find that more people want to come to the next one.


Smart Social Media Use

Social media isn’t thought of as an in-store marketing tool but when used effectively, it can enhance your customer’s experience and encourage others to visit. The possibilities are endless when it comes to social media.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • If customers follow you on social media, they can have a discount on certain products. This is a quick and easy way of boosting your online presence, allowing you to target more people with marketing materials in the future.

  • Have customers in-store take pictures and use a dedicated hashtag to receive benefits. Again, this raises your profile and adds extra value for the customer.

  • Rather than spamming your followers, use social media to intrigue them. For example, send them a secret discount code to use in-store as a thank you. They’ll pass it on to their friends and you’ll see more customers through your doors.


Partner with Other Local Businesses

The stores around you are your direct competition so partnerships might not sound like they’re in your best interest. But, the right kind of collaboration can be rewarding for all parties. Get together with other businesses to host “Shop Local” days and have stalls and activities for customers to enjoy.

If you’re on a high street that’s clean, accessible and successful, then it could be eligible for awards. Work with local businesses to ensure the high street is as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. The great press you receive from an award will boost customer numbers.


A Show-Stopping Window Display

You only have a few seconds to catch the eye of someone walking past your shop. To stop them in their tracks and encourage them to enter, you need an amazing window display that they can’t help but look at. From corner shops to the industry’s biggest retailers, everyone’s looking to have the perfect window display.

Take a look at your current window display and consider these questions:

  • Is it eye-catching and interesting to look at?

  • Does it present your business in the best possible way?

  • Does it showcase your products and entice passing customers to want to buy them?

  • Is it the best display on the high street? If not, why not and whose is? What are they doing right that you’re doing wrong?

Go big and be creative and you’ll be the talk of the town. Make sure to update it with seasonal events and you’ll find that local people start to look forward to what’s coming next. Spend time, money and effort on your windows and you’ll see positive results in the long-run.


Stand Out

Customers should want to spend time in your store and be impressed by what they see. The better the shopping experience, the more likely they’ll return in the future. There’s a wide range of in-store things you can do depending on the type of retail store you have, including the kind of layout you have and your displays.

Freestanding display units, large-scale banners and awnings are all options to think about. High-quality, professional installations elevate your space and make it a store that customer wants to come back to.


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