9 Stunning Architectural Signage Design Ideas to Inspire You

The right signage design can promote a product, raise awareness or go viral and start a conversation around the world. If you’re thinking about building wraps, banners or hoardings, browse these stunning architectural signage design installations from around the world for a little inspiration.


Building Signage from Around the



All of the following examples are creative, thought-provoking and grab the attention of passersby. Less interesting settings like construction sites and car parks can all benefit from signage. It can brighten a space, promote a brand and act as an extra source of revenue.


eureka tower car park,





The designers of this car park in Melbourne found a creative way of telling motorists which way to go. The multi-storey car park uses huge painted letters on the walls and floor to signify which way to go if you want to up.

Distorted at first glance, motorists see the word ‘UP’ when they’re at the right angle. This is a creative and interesting approach to what would normally be seen as boring safety signage.


the crayola factory, lehigh valley,





Crayola found a creative way of branding their factory in Pennsylvania through architectural signage. By using a pack of crayons falling down the side of the building, they made their factory instantly recognisable and a fantastic talking point for visitors.


ibm think , lincoln center, new





This interactive exhibit is a fantastic example of hoarding that can be used to turn a less interesting space, like a car park, into something engaging.

The digital wall explored the role that technology has within our day to day life and included touch screen maps and interactive media panel. Visitors were encouraged to engage with the wall which visualised real-time live streaming data from throughout New York.

Not every wall needs to be that size, but IBM THINK’s digital wall shows the merits of encouraging visitor interactivity.


walking men 99, new york




Maya Barkai’s “Walking Men 99” in the financial district of New York City is a perfect example of combining safety with creativity. The hoarding prevents entry to a construction site whilst also hiding the inside which some members of the local community may see as an eyesore.

“Walking Men 99” is part of a campaign to brighten up the many construction sites that are in New York City. The art portrays 99 different versions of the international ‘walk’ sign that are used around the world.

This installation acts as a safety feature, improves relationships with the local community and brings 99 different cultures to one block of New York City.


museum of modern art, new york




It’s clear that New York is a breeding ground for creative and inspirational architectural signage design. This campaign from the Museum of Modern Art gave visitors the opportunity to create the signs.

They were given a large piece of blank paper that had the title “I went to MoMA and…” and were encouraged to be as creative as possible. Children and adults took the opportunity to draw images, write poetry and tell stories.

This created a diverse, ever-changing design that helped to inspire passersby and promote the museum.


building adverts, various


Large-scale building wraps are perfect for catching the eye and promoting a brand. Used around the world, these adverts help to strengthen brand identity and start a conversation with consumers.

This particular building wrap utilised a construction site, hiding the cranes and renovated building from view. The Powerhouse Gym advert used wires from cranes to act as gym equipment.




As with the above, Allstate car insurance created an advert that got people talking. They used a large banner and hanging car from the Marina Towers parking garage in downtown Chicago to immediately catch the eye.



Nike could have used a large banner on one building to promote their campaign but instead used two to create something eye-catching and unorthodox. They used two adjacent buildings and a cracked image banner to give the impression of the runner blasting through the first building onto the second.




Creating something visually striking is a fantastic way of ensuring your signage stands out. Anando Milk wanted to increase the amount of milk that kids were drinking in Mumbai, India so they created this stunning building advertisement.





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