Bigger IS Better: 8 of the Best Building Wrap Ideas

In a world of rapidly advancing technology and ever shortening attention spans, it’s becoming harder to catch the eye of consumers. But overpriced TV advertising campaigns aren’t the only thing that can make an impact. Going big and bold with building wraps can be just as effective. Here are eight of the best building wrap ideas to inspire you.

1. Consider Context

Gym Building Wrap Advert


Powerhouse Gym’s campaign featured images of bodybuilders with their hands positioned to look as though they were using the surrounding cranes instead of their regular gym equipment. Not only did this make the most of the cranes which would otherwise get in the way of the building wrap, but it also tricks the eye and is attention-grabbing.

2. Be More Than Just an Image on a Wall

Running Building Wrap Advert


Instead of just having an image of your product, show your audience what your product can do for them. For example, Nike featured a cracked outline of a running man on one building and the actual building wrap with the image of the said man on the next building. This shows how fast and powerful the runner became when he was wearing Nike – and so, shows passersby what the brand can do for them.

3. Think Outside of the Box to Make a Statement

Paint Building Wrap Advert


A great way to get your building wrap to stand out from other hoardings and signage is to go beyond what people might expect. Coop’s Paints guerilla marketing ad is a prime example.

The bright “paint” instantly catches attention because passersby will wonder if it’s real and if those cars have just been coated. And this will make them look up at the ad. It’s perfect for sharing on social media.

4. Be Interactive

Wisk Building Wrap Advert


Building wraps don’t have to be just giant images on a wall. Siemens advertised their mixers via an image that not only wrapped around a building but also involved the building’s revolving doors in the place of the mixer’s beaters. Whenever people went through the doors, it looked as though the mixer was working. With a technique like this, passersby actually become part of your ad.

5. Exaggerate to Get Your Point Across

Cleaning Products Building Wrap Advert


Cleaning product provider Alco advertised their products by placing a translucent strip across a high-rise building, making it look as though it was covered in dust and grime. The parts that didn’t mimic dust and grime formed the immortal “Wash Me.”

Passers by probably wouldn’t notice how dirty a building is without this signalling it to them. In turn, the wrap then signals how powerful Alco’s product is.

6. Show, Don’t Tell

Coca Cola Building Wrap Advert


Ensure that your building wrap demonstrates what your brand is all about instead of just showing off a picture of it. Coca Cola featured a classic image of one of their bottles with straws coming out of the top and into a building’s windows – suggesting the building’s residents were drinking from the bottle.

As well as making best use of their surroundings, Coca Cola has shown what their brand is all about – sharing and helping people connect. The message here is that we might be people living different lives but the thing we have in common is drinking Coke. And if everyone who lives in this tower block is enjoying a refreshing Coke, why aren’t you?

7. Play on Words and Act on it

BBC World Building Wrap Advert


If you can, try and position your building wrap in a way that it acts on its message. For example, BBC World’s “See Both Sides of the Story” shown above. This allows viewers to literally see both sides of the same story, but is thought provoking in a subtle way.

8. Utilise the Shock Effect

Inception Movie Building Wrap Advert


When the movie Inception was being promoted, large building wraps featuring various versions of the film poster were used. The images looked like the real building behind them was a part of the dream.

Because the peeling effects look somewhat horrifying and ominous, passersby are immediately attracted to it, wondering what’s wrong with the building. And catching attention is, of course, exactly what Inception’s marketing team wanted. Utilising the shock effect can help your building wrap stand out among the competition.

Want to Bring Your Building Wrap Vision to Life?

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