Display Graphics in Food and Drink


They say the eyes are the windows to the stomach – or something like that, anyway. What we know for sure is that good visuals are one of the best ways to tempt customers into grabbing a bite to eat or a refreshing drink.

Capturing the flavour


Food photography is an art in itself. The very best photos set our mouths watering with nothing more than images of glistening burgers drizzled with sauce, perfectly toasted pastries and dew-dappled pitchers of ice-cold drinks.

Good food photos should convey freshness and colour, translating to quality and flavour. You can help enhance the colour part with plenty of natural light: forget the flash and do your photography by a window on a sunny day.

Keep compositions simple and focus on the most appealing elements: the drip of melted cheese, the shine of the icing, the colour contrast between the edges and the middle of a good chargrilled steak. A light brush of oil or a quick spray with a water mister can add the perfect finishing touch.

Setting the mood

Any restaurateur knows that delicious culinary delights are only part of the equation. To run a place where people want to sit down and eat, and return to time and time again, you need to create the right ambience – whether it’s inspired by your chosen cuisine, the story of your brand or a particular time and place.

We know how to make great places – just look a Sol Mexican Grill. Using eye-catching colours and traditional Mexican imagery, we created a custom wallpaper that instantly tells customers all they need to know about Sol’s cuisine, their brand and their sense of fun.

Perhaps you want to open an authentic 1920s-style speakeasy, or you’re looking to sell your mouth-watering muffins from a bakery that’s all about your journey from passionate home baker to international confectionary superstar. Maybe you’ve discovered a great new spin on the grilled cheese – you just need the customers at your street van to know about it.

Whatever it is – we’ll make it happen for you. Our team of printers and designers are as dedicated to your food and drink as you are, and our creations have a track record of bringing customers through the door, and keeping them coming back for more.

Want to find out more about our work with restaurants and cafés? See our fantastic Sol Mexican redesign here.