Dominion Print Take on Tough Mudder: Here’s How We Did and What We Learnt

On 28th July, six Dominion Print team members completed the Tough Mudder at Broughton Hall, Skipton and raised £1,400 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. It was an incredible challenge for the team, physically and mentally, but it was for a great cause and helped to bring us even closer as a company.

Dominion Print Victory Shot
Custom Banners? Cheers to that. 

Dominion Print pride ourselves on our close-knit team. Behind every outstanding visual solution is a team with a strong bond who created it. This is why team building is so important to us and why we decided to participate in Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder is an intense obstacle course and race that physically and mentally challenges the participants. We chose to tackle this as a team because it would help us to overcome various personal obstacles (metaphorically as well as physically), together.

Dominion Team submerged in mud

We were up to our knees in it. Others? Their chin. 

For example, most of us found getting over Everest 2.0 a huge challenge and it took multiple attempts. Then there was Hydrophobia – no-one wants to dive into muddy water. But we worked together as a team to help each other to overcome our fears and find inner strength. There were even plenty of hilarious moments along the way, like Byron practically throwing Gary over an obstacle and Gary running off (“Thanks for waiting, mate!”), only to walk a few minutes later due to a stitch (“Serves you right!”).

Somehow, we managed to complete it – in roughly two hours too!

Dominion tackle Everest 2.0 at Tough Mudder
Everest 2.0? Completed.

Although finishing Tough Mudder seemed like an impossible task (especially when you’ve got a stitch or it’s taking you five attempts to get over certain obstacles), we did it with a smile and a willingness to help or be helped.

Sounds cheesy but it’s true… It’s helped reinforce the fact that teammates truly are key in any situation, whether it’s Tough Mudder or a printing project, and we wouldn’t be able to finish it well or at all without them. Working as a team beats flying solo every time.

Dominion Print Finishing Picture

An exhausted, yet triumphant Dominion Team. 

When this is coupled with the fact that we did it for a great cause (MND Association who fund and promote global research of motor neurone disease), it’s a real accomplishment. The day meant a lot to us. We’re not just large format printing specialists, we’re a team who’s determined to overcome any challenge together and complete it to the best standard.