Enhancing the workplace with display graphics

Offices full to the brim with cut-and-paste cubicles, lit by harsh fluorescent bulbs, and decorated with ‘motivational’ posters – while this office atmosphere might have sufficed in previous decades, in the 21st-century workplace, so much more can be done.

Graphics are one of the chief ways that employers can spruce up their offices and improve the working lives of their employees, turning them into places people look forward to working in.

Set the mood



Office interiors can easily be oppressive or boring, harming productivity, creativity and happiness, but with large-format graphics, in the form of digitally designed images, photographs and other architecturally enhancing designs, you can make the environment an altogether better place to be.

Covering walls with beautiful, high-definition landscape images can produce a calming feel, while busy city and streetscapes can do the opposite, creating an atmosphere of movement and energy.


Enhance your brand



Graphics don’t need to be overly arty or conceptual, of course. They can be designed with your business and brand in mind, focusing on the overt – your company’s purpose, its location and its history – or less evident things like the company’s ethos and your particular way of working. Whatever your corporate goals, graphics can help them happen.

With brand-centric graphics, you’ll bolster the feeling of community within your workplace and improve positivity among staff. They’re also a great marker for any visitors to the workplace – it shows your business is dynamic and portrays brand values without having to fire up a PowerPoint.

Alter the dynamic



Interior graphics aren’t just for show – the can be used to actively alter the way in which the workplace operates. Installations like blackboards and walls that can be written on with whiteboard pens can add interactivity to the office environs, and important safety information and processes can be printed directly on wallpaper and display graphics to increase productivity while reducing the clutter of post-it notes and taped-up paper.

It isn’t only walls that deserve attention – printed flooring can enhance the environment created by your wall and divider graphics, and even help people find their way in large, rabbit-warren workplaces with coloured wayfinding paths printed right underfoot.
Whatever you have in mind, chances are that our super-sized, high-definition, multi-material printers will be able to bring them to life.

There are a million ways to inject life into your workplace using graphics, from simple signage to dazzling wall displays. Take a look at our range of interior services here or contact us to find out more.