How Can Outdoor Advertising Techniques Help and Which Ones are Best for Tenders?

Outdoor advertising can help your construction project ideas stand out because they’re highly creative and engaging visuals. It has huge creative potential so such ideas can make a much bigger impact when they’re included in your construction tender.

get clever with construction site


Hoardings are meant to hide an unsightly construction site from view and protect the public by preventing unauthorised access. They’re also great for grabbing attention and increasing brand exposure at the same time. For these reasons, hoardings are a great and essential addition to a tender.

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For example, the above hoarding hid a construction site where beach houses were being built. To fit with the beach theme, the hoarding featured telescope viewfinders which allowed passersby to look through and see what the houses would look like when they had been built.

This is a great example of a construction site hoarding which turns an essential, protective measure into a fun, interactive visual that the public can interact with.

build rapport with building wraps

Building wraps are excellent at grabbing attention because they’re so big and bold. In addition, they have a unique advantage because they’re usually placed so high up in comparison to other forms of outdoor advertising.

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You can have use building wraps to conceal scaffolding and other unsightly construction equipment. For example, the above building wrap has hidden the dwelling behind it from view. Instead, passersby see an attractive graphic.

Similar to a construction site hoarding, it’s a great way to hide the work going on behind it (which would otherwise visually pollute the area) while boosting brand exposure and grabbing attention at the same time.

provide promotional prints

Outdoor flags, banners and other forms of promotional print can help attract attention to the fact that there’s construction work going on. This helps to boost awareness about the project.

promo printzzzzz


For example, you could have flags like the above to display your construction company’s logo and the date of when the project will be complete. This can help to create anticipation and boost brand exposure at the same time.

It’s a great way of reminding the community about the benefits of the finished project whilst all the dust and noise is being created during the build.

interact with fluorescent


If you want to add an edge to the traditional promotional print methods above, fluorescent installations, such as outdoor light boxes, can be a great alternative. The backlight helps to make your advertisement stand out and the content can be adapted regularly.



For example, you could place the latest details of your construction project, such as a completion date countdown and what the project will look like once it’s complete, in the above outdoor light box. You could also welcome questions and feedback from the community and provide answers. If the light box is placed in a high traffic area, such as in the middle of a shopping district, you can significantly boost awareness and anticipation.

make the most of passing

pedestrians with floor graphics

Humans are biologically programmed to pay attention to the ground. This means that the ground is a great place to advertise on. Plus, as the majority of outdoor advertising is usually placed on buildings or other structures such as poles and fencing, floor graphics can be help you stand out from the competition by being a little different.



For example, you could have floor graphics that indicate that there’s a new construction project or feature wayfinding elements (such as leading people up to the hoarding so they can interact with it). Not only is this eye-catching but it also engages with passersby and encourages them to interact with other outdoor advertisements related to your project.

Using these advertising techniques to show off your prospective client’s finished project during the build phase can be a real winner. Combine it with an early submission, an open mind and a sharpened pencil, and you’re sure to have success.

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Outdoor advertising can help you win a tender for a construction project, but the creativity of the idea isn’t the only thing you need to think about. You also need to consider rules and regulations surrounding outdoor signage, plus other factors. Download our free guide to outdoor signage and planning to find out more, and take your next big tender another step towards success.