How Light Box Advertising Will Revolutionise Your Retail Stands

Staying relevant is a challenge that all fashion retailers face. Designs change as rapidly as fashion trends and it’s too easy for a store’s interior to look dated and out of sync with what its customers expect. Light boxes are an ideal solution for the fast-paced retail environment because of their eye-catching qualities. Here’s how light box advertising can revolutionise your retail stands.

Light Boxes Set Up In A Clothing Shop

The main benefits of light boxes that we’ll be discussing are:

  • Instantly Stands Out – Even in a Busy Environment
  • Maximises Your Visibility and Brand Awareness
  • Saves Times and Requires Less Maintenance Than Traditional Displays
  • Customisable
  • Environmentally Friendly

Instantly Stands Out – Even in a Busy Environment

In the noisy retail environment, it’s easy for shoppers to look at promotional posters on the shop walls and not actually acknowledge them. After all, they’re saturated with advertisements and promotions. When you add a flattering backlight, the pictures are given an extra level of depth and dimension. When used in combination with the shop’s floor layout and lighting, the environment becomes instantly more absorbing.

Light boxes help make the products and services you’re trying to promote to your customers stand out much more, even during the times they might be most distracted.

Maximises Your Visibility and Brand Awareness

You’ll know already that eyes are attracted to bright lights and vivid colours, and are more likely to remember them as a result.

Light boxes take it one step further by illuminating these vivid colours from underneath or behind, helping to make them even sharper and more eye-catching. This is how they ensure maximum visual impact and increase overall brand awareness.

And it’s not just illumination that can help your images stand out. Fluorescent large format printing can give your promotional displays an extra edge. Instead of just giving your images a flattering backlight, fluo can make them glow in the dark. This soft fluorescent glow is extremely mesmerising and can help your displays stand out even more.

Saves Time, Money and Requires Less Maintenance Than Traditional Displays

When a particular promotion or season ends, it’s time to change your shop’s decor. With traditional signs, posters and displays, you often need a visual merchandising team to ensure that the new decor matches with your brand’s image and still looks well put together. This can be time-consuming.

Light boxes often only require the promotional skin to be changed. The backlit display underneath stays put. If the structures need to be changed, they are designed to be easily erected and dismantled, with simple pop-up frames that lock in place.

This means you no longer need to rely on visual merchandising teams and fitters as changing the promotional displays is quick and so easy that shop employees can do them. As well as this, many companies will find that the faster display change time means they also save money.

For example, River Island’s flagship store was spending £1,200 every time one of their displays was changed as it was suspended halfway up an escalator and required scaffolding.

Dominion Print helped to cut that figure by installing a structure with a platform that followed the contours of an adjacent escalator. A step ladder could then be secured to this platform so staff could safely change the display skin themselves in the future – without needing scaffolding or a professional safety team. This saved costs in the long run.


Not only are light boxes easy to change, but they’re also highly customisable which helps your light box advertisements stand out against other similar displays. You can choose from wall-mounted or freestanding structures, for indoors or outdoors, curved or straight edged. Modern light boxes come in slim frames and bespoke sizes so you can fit them anywhere you need to.

A large format printing company will be able to talk through your requirements with you, from goals to store-specific problems, and help assess the optimum display areas in your store.

It’s important that you choose a large format printing company who can offer this level of service to you, because problems vary from store to store.

Environmentally Friendly

As well as helping retailers provide that ‘wow factor’ to shoppers, light boxes are also environmentally friendly as well as cost effective. The fabrics are recyclable and although they require electricity, LED technology is used, which ensures low energy costs and less of an environmental impact than you might initially expect. Although the lights consume less energy, you don’t have to worry about the visibility of your advertisements – LED lights maintain their brightness and vividity.

Light Boxes: The Modern Visual for Retailers

Today, it’s impossible to go shopping without being dazzled left, right and centre by big screens vying for your attention. The huge advancements in technology over the past two decades have led to advertisements, especially in-store, becoming bigger and brighter.

In particular, big name retailers have been placing huge LED light box displays on their walls and around their shop floor. These displays can turn ordinary, unassuming signs and posters to dramatic, vibrant images that instantly catch attention – especially when combined with fluo printing to produce unique, glow-in-the-dark graphics. This is why light boxes have become so popular among retailers.

But light boxes aren’t the only large format printed product that can be used by businesses. If you’d like to find out more, head over to our all-in-one resource page which will fill you in on all of the different large format printing solutions. From building wraps to 3D projections, there’s something for everybody.