How to Choose a Construction Site Hoarding Design That Keeps EVERYBODY Happy

Hoardings are a great way to conceal unsightly construction areas, attract attention and boost brand awareness – all at the same time. Its design is obviously important if you want your ad to make an impact, but you also need to consider how they might affect everyone – from your team to the local community. Plus, does it comply with HSE standards? Here’s how to come up with a construction site hoarding design that keeps everyone happy.

Come Up with a Memorable Story

Hoardings might be huge but they can still be easily forgotten – especially when there are so many things that might distract people, such as phones, music or if they’re driving past. Your hoarding has to compete against other advertisements. Who’s to say they’ll remember yours and not the competition? Or the other way around?

If you want people to remember your brand, you need to develop a story for your hoarding. This is important because most people are terrible at remembering facts but great at remembering stories.

One traditional way is to do a fun play on words or create a tongue-in-cheek message that’ll make your audience chuckle. Not only will this stand out, but it will also ensure that your hoarding will be remembered and talked about by the public.

Construction hoarding advert


Another way is to show what your brand is all about rather than just saying it. For example, the Nike hoarding below has a simple message: “Break tapes. Shatter records.” But instead of just having this (which would have been effective enough on its own), the hoarding also featured shattered pieces on the ground – representing the “shattered records”. This is very eye-catching and encourages people to take photos and talk about it, which is great for awareness.

Advertisement on construction hoarding


However, be aware that your hoarding’s story should be memorable but not offensive. Avoid referring to anything controversial because you don’t want to risk angering any nearby residents.

Remember That Pictures are Worth a 1000 Words

This classic saying could not be more true when it comes to hoardings. Hoardings are huge, visual displays that are meant to stand out and in fact, an image can help your message be more memorable than words alone. This can show off your branding even better than a hoarding that uses an equal mix of words and images.

Apple advert on construction hoarding


For example, the above Apple hoarding features minimal text. Just one huge but simple logo. Granted, Apple is an extremely recognisable brand, but even if it wasn’t, the logo would still stand out from afar – especially as it features a bright splash of colours and plenty of white space. This will naturally stand out against a busy city backdrop.

Use Colours to be Even Bolder

There’s no time to be meek when you’ve got an advertisement display that’s larger than life. Bright colours naturally attract attention so they’re an easy way to make sure that your hoarding is guaranteed to stand out.

colourful construction hoarding against a black and white background


For example, the Victoria & Albert museum hoarding is simply designed but features vivid colours that will stand out no matter what. It’s also good to note that the bright colours hold the spotlight here – there’s nothing in the hoarding’s foreground that might be fighting for attention and there’s only one loud image here.

Ensure you keep this in mind as more than one dynamic image can make your hoarding seem too overpowering and can actually detract from its impact.

Use Unique Features – if Possible

If it fits your brand image and the hoarding, consider thinking outside of the box and incorporating unique features that’ll make your design stand out even more.

Grass Construction Hoarding


For example, having alternating sections of grass like in the above construction hoarding attracts attention and encourages people to touch it to see if it’s real. Funnily enough, the grass panels are real – created by advertisements alternating with soil-filled burlap pockets that hold plants.

Unlike traditional hoardings, this concept can’t be applied to every design idea. However, it’s important to note that thinking outside of the box will help your ad stand out and showcase your company much more.

With that in mind, it’s also important that your visual solution is respectful as well as bold and creative. A colourful hoarding might be pleasing to the eye for some people, but you need to ensure that it’s appropriate for the location. It’s not just the branding that matters – you also need to respect the heritage of the location.

Consider Reusability

The actual hoarding might not be reusable but it can be extremely handy if the modular system used to hold up the hoarding or at least, the concept, can be recycled for another campaign. This can save a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.

You should discuss this with your printing company beforehand. Many hoardings use tension graphic systems which can easily be put up, dismantled, folded up and stored after use. This makes them incredibly easy to handle, even without expert assistance, and obviously saves time and money.

Does it Actually Comply with Health and Safety Standards?

Hoardings might look great but you can’t forget about what they’re for. As well as being a means to advertise, they’re also meant to protect the public by preventing access to construction sites and excluding any unauthorised persons. For that reason, your hoarding needs to be big enough to shield and prevent access to this worksite.

Do this by:

  • Determining the site’s boundaries.
  • Drawing up a list of who is and isn’t authorised on the site.
  • Providing and maintaining the fencing (hoarding).

You need to consider these health and safety standards when you’re coming up with your design.

Is it on Budget?

When you’re coming up with a hoarding design, you’ll be balancing the impact of the visuals with your budget. For instance, some designs might only be suitable for particular sizes and if that size is out of your budget, there’s not much you can do unless you decide that it’s worth splashing out on.

A good printing company will help advise you on which hoarding design and materials are best for your business needs. So, it’s important that you’re asking the right questions and figuring that out early in your large format printing process. Remember that the right solution for your needs isn’t necessarily the cheapest nor is it the most expensive. A good printing company will outline all of your options for you and give you helpful advice.

Want More Help About Outdoor Signage and Planning?

When you’re choosing a construction site hoarding design, it’s important to try to keep everyone happy. That includes your team, from commercial to marketing, and the local community. But it’s no easy feat and there’s more you need to know.

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