How to Do Vinyl Banner Recycling Well

Vinyl banners are a great way of promoting your brand and your latest product range. However, they can prove to be quite unsustainable and not the most environmentally friendly form of advertising. Vinyl banners are often used for short periods of time and can quickly become outdated, should you release a new product or campaign.

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This is why you must recycle your vinyl banners and reuse them wherever you can. There are various effective and creative ways in which you can recycle them to help improve the overall sustainability of your marketing campaign and the industry as a whole too. This post will outline various different tips and ways of how you can improve your vinyl banner recycling process.

We’ll cover:

  • The Different Ways of Recycling Used Vinyl Banners
  • Think About Recycling at All Stages – Not Just the End


The Different Ways of Recycling Used Vinyl Banners

When we think of recycling, it’s easy to just think about the environmentally beneficial way of throwing things out and disposing of things properly. But that’s not the only way of recycling things. Reusing items for different purposes is another great way of recycling your old vinyl banners too. Here are some great ways of recycling your used vinyl banners that’ll improve your business’ carbon footprint too.

Business Waste Recycling Collection

Rather than taking your old vinyl banners to the recycling centre yourself, why not have a business come and collect it from your office themselves? That way, you know the materials within your banners will be being disposed of properly. Collection is perfect if you don’t have the time  to do it yourself, allowing you to focus your efforts elsewhere in your business.

Making sure that your banners are recycled in the correct way is vital. If they aren’t, they could easily end up on another landfill site and prove to be further harming the environment. Also, if people are aware that you’re committed to recycling the correct, ethical way, then they’ll be more likely to associate themselves with your brand.

Reuse Your Old Banners

One of the best ways of recycling your banners well is by simply reusing them at various events. Buying and designing new banners for each event can prove to be a waste of time and money, as well as being environmentally unfriendly. Just because you’re not disposing of it, doesn’t mean you aren’t recycling it.

When you next come to designing your banners for your latest campaign, try and sum everything up in one design. That way you’re using considerably less material and you’re operating in a more ethical fashion. Or bear in mind what you can use them for if you do need to actually order more than one large banner. Here are some great tips you can reuse your banners for:

  • Banners can be used as any kind of tarpaulin, which are a handy way of covering up and protecting anything. Whether it’s for the business or the home woodpile for the winter, you can utilise your old banners as a tarpaulin for many different things.
  • Your banners can be shredded and granulated and can be included into various different horticultural products. Whether it’s tree protectors or even tree belt fasteners, you can be more eco-friendly by using your old banners in horticultural ways.
  • Show off your creative side and turn them into event freebies! Everybody loves a freebie at an event, don’t they? And what better way of pleasing your attendees with freebies that you also don’t have to pay extra for? If you’re a dab hand with a sewing machine, or know somebody who is, banners can be turned into unique handy tote bags which would be a great hit at your future events.

Donate Your Old Banners

If you can’t think of any ways in which you can reuse your banners yourself, why not donate them to local nurseries or schools? They can be handy for materials in arts and crafts and can be great for students to enhance their projects too. The school will appreciate this as it will save them money and it’s a nice gesture which will reflect well on your brand image too.


Think About Recycling at All Stages – Not Just the End

As we mentioned earlier, you should be thinking about recycling your banners at all stages of your project. Businesses will often only think about it when it comes to throwing it out, but that can often prove to be a problem. You should have a plan in place for what you’re going to do with them when you’re finished well in advance.

Not only this, you should be thinking of what recyclable materials you can use for your banners in the planning and designing phase. By choosing eco-friendly materials, it makes it a lot easier to recycle them successfully and a lot more convenient too. Try and choose one generic sign for your different events too, so don’t make your banners too specific and only suitable for just the single use.

By thinking about your recycling policies whilst in the design and planning stages of your campaign, you’ll be taking a great leap towards reducing your carbon footprint and making your printed marketing campaign a success too.


Make Sure You Print Correctly and Ethically

Recycling your used vinyl banners well is just one way that a business can operate more ethically. There are plenty of other ways. Not sure what they are? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Luckily for you, we’ve created a free guide to ethical advertising and print. Download it below and take the first step to becoming a more ethical business.