How to Organise Event Materials in Between Shows

We know it takes a lot to organise and pull off a successful event – the planning and execution all take time and effort. But what happens when your guests go home and you’re tasked with removing your signage, equipment and decoration from the hired venue? What do you do with your event materials?


The worst thing you can do is toss them in a cupboard and forget about them. This makes the next time you require any of these materials harder to locate – like a specific wire used only for the projector. Here are some of the best ways to organise event materials between shows and events and some things to consider along the way.


You Don’t Need to Keep All Your Event Materials

It’s likely that you’re storing outdated marketing materials you no longer have a use for – perhaps they were specific to a certain date or event. You should carefully consider what you’ll use in the future and how you can ensure longevity for your frequently used props and equipment.


  • When storing your banners, opt for rolling instead of folding. This ensures that next time you use them, you don’t have to worry about creases or puckering.

  • Dismantle your event materials carefully and keep small screws and fixings together in a see-through bag.

  • Make sure you store them in cool, dry areas.

  • Take time to properly store wires away, cable tie them loosely to keep them neat.

  • Look after your equipment by utilising sealed plastic boxes.

Storage Costs vs Renting Costs

If you have a large cupboard or a dedicated prop room and are confident in your ability to accurately label and keep track of what’s in and what’s out at a show, then storing it in-house may suffice. Monitoring your event materials can be as simple as a spreadsheet system.

On the other hand, storing extravagant props and large banners could take up too much space and require you to source a storage facility. Most storage services require a monthly fee, however, a major benefit is that all your materials will be in one accessible place with high security.

Another point to consider would be renting your equipment and props entirely. You won’t have to worry about storage and you could have a wider range of materials to utilise. Although it may not be the most cost-effective solution, it can be ideal for somebody with limited storage.

Keep Your Event Materials Safe

Wherever you decide to store your materials, it’s important to keep them safe. You can pick up clear storage drawers and boxes from craft and home shops quite easily as they’re useful for storing wires and smaller decorations.

More expensive equipment like projectors, lighting and backdrops like fabric tension frames will require careful dismantle and placed in their original box, if possible, to ensure nothing is lost or broken.

As mentioned before, a spreadsheet system would come in handy for itemisation purposes.

Make the Most Out of Your Large Format Print

If you have to reproduce your large format print solutions every time you have an event, the costs will quickly mount up. So, in order to get the most out of your materials and keep things as cost-effective as possible, try and avoid dates and anything too specific if you can.

After all, tailoring a sign or banner for each show takes up valuable planning time and can be expensive. Being able to reuse your materials is also more environmentally friendly than commissioning new ones.

Just make sure that you know how to take care of your event materials to ensure their longevity.

Be Green When It Comes to Printing

It’s well known that the print industry isn’t the most kind to the earth. In fact, it’s particularly damaging to the environment. But does it have to be? Not anymore as more sustainable alternatives are available.

One key factor is switching to recyclable materials for your printed products. An example of this would be opting for biodegradable materials over the typical vinyl. There are various factors to contemplate if you’re considering using biodegradable materials.

ready to Innovate Your Event Material Game?

Whatever event materials you have already, it’s important to keep them safe and well organised. The last thing you want as an event planner is for the theme of an upcoming show to be ‘Jungle Extravaganza’ and you’ve accidentally misplaced your six-foot marble lion statue.

If you’re looking to update your event material arsenal or simply have a look at what innovative event planners are using for their shows, get inspired by downloading our events case study below. We’ve showcased our favourite and most successful events projects.

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