How to Wow Guests With Reusable Exhibition Stands

Traditional exhibition stands can make a huge impact at individual events, but they can also be quite restrictive. You can’t always reuse them and if you’re purchasing new ones with each event you participate in, it’s likely to cost you more. The better option is to invest in a reusable exhibition stand. 


They can help you balance your budget and create maximum advertorial impact. Let’s explore how they can improve not just one of your exhibitions, but also ones in the future.


The Impact of Reusable Exhibition Stands

Reusable exhibition stands are a great alternative to single-use stands.

If you’ve used a good design, they’re just as visually-inspiring as traditional stands – why wouldn’t they be? With your eye for visuals and the help of an experienced event material specialist, you can create a stand that’s spectacular time and time again.

The main impact of reusable exhibitions stand for you is their versatility. With each exhibition, they can be easily transported, easily installed and configured in a different way every time. Use them as stand-alone visuals or as part of a much larger display. 


Not only is this type of exhibition stand designed to be reused, but it’s also made to be portable. Events, exhibitions, conferences and tradeshows can be held anywhere in the country and reusable exhibition stands are made with this in mind. Being easy to transport and store, you’ll have much less logistic hassle to worry about.

Traditional exhibition stands are usually bigger, bulkier and have been designed to make a big impact, with reusability not getting a second thought. 


Don’t worry about a reusable exhibition stand being one-dimensional. You may think that because they’re reusable you can only have one design or graphic for each event. This isn’t the case. If you’re looking to make the most of your investment, you can request your stand to be easily customisable.

Graphics sections can be included which have the ability to be swapped out for more relevant designs, so you can easily change your message. A trade show or event may have a specific theme you need to cater to. The frame of the stand will remain the same, but your print can be ever-changing.


The great thing about modern displays is that they no longer have to be static. The addition of visual technology to your displays can immensely increase the impact of your brand.

Screens and tablets can be included to play video. Interactive screens can be used to capture data and even used as explorative tools to educate prospects on your company. You could even include triggered motion sensor to interact with people that pass by. 

When paired with technology, reusable exhibition stands are a fantastic way of creating an immersive experience, adding further value to an attendee’s involvement. You could even consider incorporating projection mapping into your stands to create a truly innovative display.


As these stands are reusable, they’re built to be long-lasting. Durable, lightweight materials make the setting up of an exhibition stand simple. Because your stands will be long-lasting, they’re the perfect investment.

The Disadvantages of Non-Reusable Exhibition Stands

Creating an impact and brand promotion is any company’s main effort when it comes to exhibitions, conferences and other events. Interest and attendance are crucial when creating revenue from potential customers and your exhibition display solutions need to reflect that.

You need effective visual branding that grants a big ROI. It’s not only about what works today, but what works into the future.

If you spend money on a customised exhibition stand that wows potential customers, that’s fantastic. You’ve designed the stand with the collaboration from an event material specialist and then used it effectively. Unfortunately, you have to throw it away after the event because it was only designed for one use, possibly because of the use of a date or specific event name. 

That doesn’t make financial or practical sense.

If you’re spending money on a display and then only earning a certain amount of revenue or awareness from attending customers, this won’t help your bottom line. Each time will be the same process: design, use and throw away.

Alongside the financial aspect, it’s not an environmentally-friendly choice to create a single-use item.

Creative Ideas for your Exhibitions

We adore creativity when it comes to making an inspiring exhibition. Here are some of our favourite reusable exhibition stand examples which are impressive because of their clever use of design, practicality and unique aesthetic.

Onok’s Futuristic Stands

When Onok needed to exhibit their dedication, experience and talent for bespoke lighting at the Light & Building event in Frankfurt, they decided to create immersive stands. These stands act as both mediums for information, art pieces, examples of their lighting experience and interactive displays.

This is an amazing example of how a well-designed display can use stands to fulfil more than one purpose.

b_730_089297f1-2f9d-494c-9c4c-d5783e5439f8Image credit: Onok

Each stand acts as a light wall which is easily transported due to their shape and easily re-configured for future events. They include large, eye-catching typography, video screens for exploring Onok’s offerings and shelving for including leaflets. Practical, visually-appealing and cost-effective, Onok made brilliant decisions when designing these pieces.

EcoDesign Circle’s Country-Hopping Displays

These next examples show how a well-built, durable exhibition stand can last even across different countries.

01_reconsider_design_nowakteufelknyrim_ausstellungImage Credit: EcoDesign Circle

These stands have been designed to be easily transportable and customisable. It was used numerous times in several countries such as Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and Sweden.

What’s interesting about these stands is they include multiple types of visual medium, all brought together to explore greener alternatives to everyday actions and products. There are screens, text and items which are all tied together to produce something engaging, informative and quirky.

02_reconsider_design_nowakteufelknyrim_ausstellungImage Credit: Pinterest

Hexbug’s On-Brand Stand Creations

These stand designs are wonderful examples of how you can create reusable exhibition stands that fit the visual tone and message of your brand.

Hexbug is a company that offers miniature robotics as toys for children. They create their exciting robots to be bug-like in nature, emulating the look and movement of well-known creepy crawlies.


To effectively advertise their brand, they needed a display that matched the aesthetic of their online presence and offerings. Their logo features a hexagon, reminiscent of the way bees make their hives and their stands emulated this. It utilised their hexagon motif to display either text, imagery or as a display case for their products.

Reusable exhibition stands are a fantastic way of creating footfall to your events and displays, but why not consider pairing them with an immersive, highly-memorable technology such as projection mapping?

Discover the Benefits of Projection Mapping Today

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