It’s coming… will you be ready?

It seems to happen a bit earlier every year. Mince pies show up on supermarket shelves, emails from local restaurants arrive urging you to book your work Christmas do – and we haven’t even made it past Halloween, let alone Bonfire night.



Just like every year…

You may not want to think about it just yet, but it’s coming, just like every year – the chance to capitalise on the excitement and goodwill of the holidays with festive displays.

Even if yours isn’t a retail business, a holiday version of regular signage and print material can be a great investment that you can be reused or adapted year after year. A bit of greenery entwined through your logo or a few baubles sprinkled around your strap line will get show you’re down with seasonality and are a living, breathing business.

It’s not all about Christmas


There’s so much to celebrate during the winter months – the fireworks of Diwali, the prayers of Mawlid, and the candlelight of Channukah, to name just a few. It offers a great opportunity to show how important all your customers are to you.

And however your customers choose to celebrate during winter, the New Year brings the chance to reflect on the year past and to plan a new, exciting start for the year ahead.


Don’t hide your light under a bushel

The holiday season also brings charity into focus – and whatever you are doing to raise money and awareness, display and print can help highlight your brand, and more importantly, the great cause you’re supporting.

Don’t let the window pass you by

Start planning now to ensure there’s plenty of time to create the holiday display of your dreams. Know exactly what you want? We can bring it to life. Not sure what you need? Give us a call or drop us a line, we can help you figure it out.

And for those last minute jobs…

We don’t shut down during the holiday season, so whether it’s a holiday display or business as usual, our team are available to work for you . Give us a call on 01274 309 999 today to plan your seasonal displays, and keep that number at the ready as your go-to when everyone else is closed.