Look down for inspiration

When designing an exhibition stand or new shop window display, it’s oh so easy to fall into the trap of the obvious. We look up and decide which hanging elements we would like, and side-to-side to choose how our logos and messaging will be displayed. However once in a while, it pays to look down.

The floor is a blank canvas with which to work. Oft forgotten in public spaces, implementing innovative design directly into the floor allows visitors or customers to really interact with a space, and in turn, your brand.

What is printed flooring?

Now thanks to super wide format machines, it’s possible to reproduce any design you’d like onto 5m wide sections of flooring. This creates huge opportunities to customise from head to toe any space you may wish.

Exhibition stands and other forms of temporary structure are ideal for the printed flooring treatment, while versions for both light and heavy use areas are also available.

The flexibility and ease of installation of printed flooring means the sky (or floor’s) the limit when it comes to your creativity. The possibilities – both for in and outdoor installations – are endless, but we thought we’d share a few or our own ideas to highlight the flexibility of the product.

The floor is lava


Anyone with a teenage child or even a passing interest in meme culture will be aware of the ‘floor is lava’ trend by now. For the uninitiated, it involves one person shouting ‘the floor is lava’ and everyone immediately has to get off the ground and avoid touching this ‘lethal substance’, moving around a room or space without touching the floor.

While niche, we think playgrounds, climbing wall environments or even pub beer gardens could benefit from the temporary introduction of a printed floor complete with ‘bubbling lava’.

The whole 12 yards


For sporting brands, creating pop up spaces to allow customers to interact with a brand is huge business. Making areas of a stadium’s car park look and feel like yours can be tricky, however, and this is where printed flooring comes in.

A football boot or kit manufacturer however could easily get a branded penalty area printed onto temporary flooring, add some advertising hoardings and a goal, and you’ve got an immersive, experiential space sorted.

Additionally, this concept could also be used to create a more realistic indoor football pitch in a local community sport centre.



For permanent premises, creating a bespoke printed floor is also a fantastic way to add personality to a room.

Cereal cafes for example could add a floor covered with the famous cereal hoops – with the same design working equally well for the kitchens of student accommodation.

The possibilities are endless, and easily attainable. See our printed flooring section to discover how you can fully customise your space and make it your own – contact us to find out more.