Photo wallpaper – the new way to brand your space


For years, the only way for a business to brand an office or unit was to resort to the old paint and stencil combo or invest in vinyl coverings. While both ably served a purpose, they weren’t perfect, giving only approximations of what you were really trying to achieve.

Recent advancements in printing have meant that it’s now possible to print an entire image onto a roll of wallpaper, giving you unlimited possibilities when it comes to branding a space.

But what are the benefits of choosing photo wallpaper over more traditional methods? Read on to find out.


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Cost effective

Previously a one-off print run of anything could be fraught with extra costs, as the cost of setting up your print would be added to the labour and parts to make small runs troublesomely expensive. Thanks to digital printing this is no longer the case, and have a design printed on wallpaper for one wall won’t incur the usual costs associated with bespoke, small-batch physical branding.

No more repeats

Traditional wallpaper is troublesome as it relies upon repeating patterns to successfully cover a wall, due to the difficulties in producing wide wallpaper. Thanks to large format printers, almost any size wall is now printable, meaning your days of matching up different sheets to get a pattern straight are over.


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Endless customisation

As it’s digitally printed, you can literally print anything you like direct onto your wallpaper. While obviously the source image will need to be of suitable quality to be able to take being blown up to cover a wall, with photo wallpaper, you know the paper you fit can be completely bespoke to you and truly one-of-a-kind.

Usual colour restrictions are a thing of the past with printed wallpapers too, meaning you can let your imagination run wild without the worry of being pulled back to earth by the printer.

Visit our photo wallpaper page  to find out how you can completely customise your space today.