Prepping for a Trade Show? 10 Indoor Event Signage Ideas to Get You Started

The main purpose of indoor event signage is to make the attendee journey much easier. A good sign can make you instantly recognisable while a bad one can put visitors off entirely. Indoor event signage also makes it easy for attendees to find their way around a trade show which can bring opportunities for branding, marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Here’s some inspiration to make sure your signage is paid attention to.

indoor sign

  1. Floating Signs

  2. Oversized Signs

  3. Props

  4. Fabrics

  5. Projections

  6. Floor Graphics

  7. Neon Signs

  8. Graffiti Signage

  9. Flags

  10. Lightboxes

1. Floating Signs

For something out of the ordinary, having signage in position to give a unique floating effect is something visitors don’t see every day. You can go from small, tabletop floating signs or scale up to a huge floating sign behind your stand.

They’re perfect for getting your name out there through social sharing, creating branding opportunities, directing attendees or even as creative sponsorship ideas.


2. Oversized Signs

Freestanding oversized signs can be made from pretty much any durable material and can definitely make a large impact. As well as being an attendee favourite because of its sheer size, it can also be a great addition to your social media engagement.

You can tap into the trade show theme, name and even your company branding and showcase your sign in huge, bold letters. If you use vivid colours, your oversized signs will stand out and act as the centrepiece to the event that visitors just won’t stop looking at.


boom foamImage Credit: WeCutFoam

3. Props

To really capture the interest of visitors attending the trade show, look to use event signage they wouldn’t expect to see. Realistically, with an injection of creativity, you can use pretty much any prop as a signage opportunity.

Check out the example below. The surfboard can easily be taken indoors and you have so much space to let your creative juices flow. Keep it on-brand, add in a subtle amount of information and you’ll have the perfect sign to intrigue guests.


4. fabrics

When it comes to versatile indoor signage options, it’s difficult to look past the role fabrics can play. They can help with your advertising, promotion and ensure your branding lives in the memory of your visitors.

It’s a timeless method which can perfectly engage with your audience with subtle additions and minimal text. They can help your stand look more credible, professional and they’re ideal for attracting potential customers.

5. Projection

Feel free to embrace technology in this digital age and do something entirely different. Use projections on your sign which are easy to implement. Again, they’re not something a lot of visitors will expect to see, but it’s an ideal way to stand out from the crowd and your competition.

If you can’t modify your location, then projection signage is a great option. Plus, projections can make use of plain, large walls as well as tables, ceilings and floors. So, they’re pretty diverse for any event.


6. Floor Graphics

Maximise your floor space and massively increase the visibility of your brand by using floor graphics as part of your signs. Whether it’s stickers or decals, something as simple as your company logo is a great signage opportunity to make use of the wasted space.

It doesn’t always have to be directly in relation to your business either. You can be a little more creative and adopt wayfinding directly to your booth, such as footsteps where you can intrigue visitors into visiting your stand.

dominion sealife

cobbled floor

7. Neon Signs

Modern neon signage has essentially become an art form in itself. They’re perfect for incorporating something different in the form of lighting while getting your message across to leave an even bigger impact.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just your company logo. In fact, you can incorporate some of the signs we’ve already mentioned while adding in neon signs as the final touch. Think about logos, quotes and elaborate illustrations which you can bring to life in fun and bright colours.

neon signImage Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

8. Graffiti Signage

Another unique way to display information through event signage is by using a graffiti wall. Obviously, it’s not always possible for you to get a graffiti artist and paint over a venue’s wall, but there’s a workaround to this while getting the same desired effect.

To connect with people and the community you’re in, partner with artists to create a graffiti sign live at the event to pique interest. There are even options to use digital graffiti walls which can look just as wonderful. It can help keep your brand name fresh in visitors’ memories while showing how technologically advanced your brand is.


digital graffiti wallImage Credit: Black Canvas Entertainment


9. Flags

We see custom flags everywhere: companies setting up inside supermarkets are arguably some of the more popular indoor choices. Flags are a great form of advertising, offering strong, vibrant colours which are great for using as event signage with your brand information displayed.

With the ability to customise flags, it’s a great opportunity to get your brand’s message across easily. It also makes them a great centrepiece which makes it easier for visitors to locate your stand in a busy trade show room.

cancer research dominion flag

10. Light Boxes

To really take your event signage to the next level, consider implementing backlit graphics solutions, such as light boxes. Super-wide illuminated signage is perfect for exhibitions and trade shows as they use the latest print technology to offer a dramatic boost in colour density, image vibrancy and sharpness.

By adding a soft glow, you can really make an instant impact by being immediately recognisable or showcasing certain products.

lightbox dominion

light boxes

Use Large Format Printing to Stand Out at Your Trade Show

A trade show is your chance to stand out, but they’re always full of competition looking to steal the attention of visitors. Event signage is a fantastic way to keep your guests engrossed for much longer than usual.

To catch their attention, though, you need to make sure your indoor signs are engaging through large format printing.

To see how large format printing has helped major brands, download our free Success Stories guide below by clicking on the link. We’ll be showing off some of the best examples of the work we’ve carried out for trade shows, exhibitions and other events.