Company Shop

The Client
Company Shop redistributes surplus food through a national network of staff shops, standalone stores and ‘click and collect’ services, providing great offers to members that work in the food manufacturing industry and emergency services. It is the UK’s largest redistributor of surplus products.

The Challenge
Company Shop wanted to make a big statement on the 27 metre wall behind the tills in their main flagship store, where the footfall is reputedly higher than that of Marks & Spencer’s Oxford Street store. The sheer length meant it was difficult to hang a normal paste poster, and a series of smaller posters would not have made the visual impact required. There was the added challenge of not allowing the installation to interfere with trade during opening hours of 9am to 9pm.

The Solution
Dominion created a wallpaper with impactful branding across the entire 27 metres. The wallpaper was provided in a series of easily applied strips that are peel-off and repositionable, as a result of it took just two people five hours to hang the whole wall overnight.

The Impact
Company Shop were highly satisfied with the immediate overnight impact created by their new branding. As a result, Dominion have completed more projects in multiple Company Shops around the UK and are now responsible for all Company Shop graphic promotions.