Leisure & Hospitality

Sol Mexican

The Client
Sol Mexican restaurants dedicated to providing authentic Mexican and Latin American cuisine.

The Challenge
Sol Mexican were updating their décor and wanted a look that would complement the tastes of their Mexican menu and immediately immerse diners in the look and feel of authentic Mexico. They had very specific colour schemes in mind and knew the kinds of images they wanted to adorn their walls – sombreros, mariachi group ‘vihuela’ guitars, cacti etc. – but didn’t want the associated costs of hiring an artist to paint them.

The Solution
Dominion’s helped Sol Mexican to find appropriate Mexican imagery which they then printed onto appropriate sizes of wallpaper and pasted onto each individual wall space within the restaurant, creating instant ambience. Wallpaper can be created using your own photograph or your choice of stock images.

The Impact
Everyone at Sol Mexican Grill was delighted with the impact that wallpaper had on the restaurant. It created instant ambience, complemented the menu, and was considerably more cost effective than commissioning a private artist. This increased footfall and therefore turnover improved.