Building & Development

The Berkeley Group

The Client
The Berkeley Group Holdings PLC is a British property developer. Founded in 1976, today it is one of the UK’s best known developers of new homes.

The Challenge
Berkeley Homes were creating a show apartment for their new development in London. They wanted to recreate an old map of the City Basin, where the development was located, to cover the apartment walls and convey a sense of history and integrity. The challenge for Dominion was to source an appropriate map and find a way to cover the entire staircase well and a number of interior walls.

The Solution
Dominion researched available maps and found 48 suitably old maps that, together, would create enough detail at the appropriate size and resolution to cover the required wall space without having to replicate any features. Bringing the 48 individual maps together to create one piece of coherent artwork required great attention to detail. We also gray-scaled the final image and matched the colour to the pantone of the apartment’s other interior walls. Using Dominion’s MyFotoWall technology, we then printed the entire image onto a series of carefully calculated wallpaper strips and hung them in the show apartment for maximum effect.

The Impact
Berkeley Homes’ new show apartment had the ‘wow’ factor they were looking for, with a highly bespoke wallpaper that brought a sense of heritage and cultural continuity to its contemporary new residential development.


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