Exhibition & Staging

Youtube Brandcast

The Client
Youtube Brandcast.

The Challenge
Dominion were tasked with branding a whole exhibition centre for a You Tube Brandcast promotion. Part of this was to cover the walls in graphics using a particular canvas as specified by the client. Over 250 linear meters of print were required, and as always there were just a few days to turn it around.

The Solution
Dominion were able to identify and quickly source the required canvas, and after test printing, the client was satisfied we could produce the required quality of print onto the specified canvas. Over a couple of days, Dominion were able to print and finish the whole job, a feat in itself! During this time, we also produced PVC banners and vinyl cut lettering which were needed last minute as part of the event.

The Impact
The event looked spectacular, with all walls covered in seamless graphics allowing the whole exhibition centre to be transformed into a YouTube branded environment. We proved Dominion were able to turn around such a large job in a short space of time, giving the client the confidence to continue using Dominion for other large scale projects.