Retail Signage Displays: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

Quite often, your business’ signage is the first thing that customers will spot and interact with. An impression will be made purely on how your signage looks so it needs to stand out and draw attention. If it looks tacky and unprofessional, it’ll probably get noticed for all the wrong reasons and nobody wants that.

Looking for new retail signage displays but wondering where you should start? Follow these great tips on how to pick the right one for your business.


We’ll cover:

Rules and Regulations

When it comes to choosing your signage and shop front, you need to consider the different rules and regulations in place that could potentially restrict your choice. Some signs require a business to apply for planning permission in order to be able to be passed and given the green light.

Some of the regulations dictate what size a sign can be, what content you can include and where you can place it. If you don’t abide by these laws, you may face punishment in the form of a fine. Plus, you’ll be ordered to remove the sign and will have to order another which would be a waste of time and money for everybody involved.



Cost is usually a big deciding factor for many businesses wanting to buy new signage, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason why you choose one business or material over another.

A ridiculously cheap price implies that signage won’t be made from the highest quality materials and is likely to be more susceptible to damage and general wear and tear than an alternative choice.

Don’t be fooled by a product that’s expensive either. Just because something is overly expensive doesn’t mean that it’s the best option available. You don’t want to be getting ripped off for your signage when you could find it for a better price elsewhere.

What we’re trying to say is that the right retail signage display solution for you may not necessarily be the cheapest or the most expensive as price shouldn’t dictate quality. An honest and reliable large format printing specialist will be transparent about this and help you find the right solution for your needs, not your budget. 


Easy to Read

If something is difficult to read, is your audience going to be able to quickly digest the message you’re trying to get across? It’s unlikely. Like newspaper and article headlines, if you can’t decipher the message or even what it says from reading it just once, you’re likely to skip over the article and in this sense, the shop too.

Your sign is the first thing a potential customer will see about your brand and will be the first thing they base their opinion of your business on. If it’s illegible, people won’t be intrigued and will just ignore the store. As there’s so much competition, particularly in this digital era, your sign has to stand out and the messaging has to be clear.


What better way to shout out about a sale than to plaster your shop window with that word?



Your sign is your first choice to sell your brand and make it look attractive. It’s a marketing tool within itself. You need to use relatable language in your signage to attract the correct demographic into your store.

For starters, your message needs to be short, not hundreds and hundreds of words so it’s easy to read Then, it needs to be worded in a way that you’re going to get a positive reaction from your intended target market.

Your colour scheme should also be considered as it’s an integral part of your branding. It must be consistent with your overall branding You want people to instantly recognise your signs and think of your brand.


No Clutter

Cluttered signage doesn’t work – fact. What’s the point in spending a lot of money and time on a sign that’s far too busy for somebody to read at a glance? This isn’t a long form marketing publication, it’s a quick way to advertise and entice customers into coming into your store and supporting your brand.

Your sign should include your brand name, a logo and a slogan that you commonly use. Don’t make the writing style too fancy that it can’t be read but don’t do it too basic so that it blends in with other retailers.

But keep in mind that when it comes to your signage design, less is usually more. An image-heavy sign can often have more impact on shoppers than a text-heavy one. 


An example of a retail signage display which predominantly features images.  


Dominion Print Can Help With Your Signage

As we’ve mentioned, your outdoor signage is important and can have a big impact on how your customers endorse your brand. So, with this in mind, you must get it right. Your large format print is an important factor of producing that wow factor your customers can relate to so you need to do it well.

At Dominion Print, we’re experts in the large format print industry and have helped various businesses achieve their goals with our world-class products. 

If you’re looking for the perfect business to help with your outdoor signage, look no further than us. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out our product matrix below and take the first step to creating the ultimate signage for your business.