Should You Come Up With a Conference Floor Plan?

For your conference to be memorable, you need to think about an effective layout. By tweaking your conference floor plan, you’ll find that it’s much easier to engage visitors, help generate sales and boost awareness – especially if you have different vendors within your conference setting. 

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If it wasn’t clear by now then yes, you should come up with a conference floor plan. Here’s why it’s so important to have one.



Helps to Avoid Guest Frustration

Regardless of the size of the conference, it can be easy for attendees to become frustrated or agitated with a poor floor plan. The reason behind this is that if there’s a great deal of confusion or they can’t find what they’re looking for, then it’s easy for them to get lost, annoyed or even leave the conference entirely.

That’s not what you want. It’s better to create a detailed floor plan well in advance so that guests can find the route and destinations without any effort.

A perfect way to avoid the above is by implementing a solution like printed floor graphics. Whether it’s designed as footsteps or arrows, these are beneficial ways of helping guests and guiding them through your conference to where they want to be.

Plus, if your floor graphics are extra-creative then they’re not just for wayfinding purposes – they’re also aesthetically pleasing. So, guests will notice them instantly, they’ll know which direction to go in and you’ll help eliminate frustration.


Stops Bottlenecks

The more guests attend your conference, the likelier it is that you’ll suffer from potential bottlenecks. That’s if you don’t have a floor plan, as guests will flood through any area they see fit and this could – as we mentioned above – lead to a lot of frustration.

You don’t want your guests fighting for space when they’re at your conference. A floor plan means that you can create a flow pattern without there being such a rush that it impedes the flow of people moving around.

They can get to areas much quicker and comfortably which will shine your conference in a positive light instead.


You’ll Avoid Vendor Frustration

If your conference is one that features other vendors, then you also need a floor plan to cater to their needs. Without an effective floor plan in place, you might find that guests aren’t able to find them and could go elsewhere instead.

This frustration could stop potential sales because they struggled or failed to raise their brand awareness due to a poor floor plan. On the other hand, an effective floor plan with clear directions towards vendors can help increase their sales and reflect positively on you as the event or conference manager.

Along with solutions like directional printed floor graphics, you can utilise the conference floor space even better and make it more memorable by adding barriers. This can help break up certain sections so vendors can be accessed easily. Boost brand awareness even further by adding covers on them.


Floor Plans Can Impact Sales Paths

Your floor plan can also impact the number of sales made inside of your conference – if it’s one that will feature goods or services being sold. For example, if your conference floor plan has displays at the front which is the start of their journey, then it’s not something that is going to work.

In this case, attendees might not want to purchase something in your conference right away, especially if it means they’ll have to carry bags for the rest of the time they’re inside the venue.

Instead, your floor plan should create paths within the conference where you strategically place displays and areas where goods can be purchased. It’s more beneficial to guide visitors around your conference and through a specific route.

An effective floor plan might even prompt an impulsive purchase or stopping regularly at certain aisles, windows or booths. By steering them through your conference and towards specific areas, you can optimise materials such as banners and personalised flags to ensure the right experience for visitors.

Banners and flags are versatile. Not only can help provide guidance but if they look good, they can also optimise the visitor experience as well by capturing and keeping hold of their attention.

You might not have realised just how important it is for you to finalise a conference floor plan. If you’re struggling on where to begin then don’t worry, we’ve got a template pack full of examples of floor plans that you can take inspiration from.


See How You Can Transform Your Conference Floor Plan

If you’re struggling on creating an effective floor plan, you’re not sure where to start or you just want to tweak what you currently have, then you’re in the right place. We’ve created a free library of floor plan templates which you can access below.

The guide covers everything from the importance of floor plans, how you can maximise the results of your conference floor plan and so much more. To get your copy, click on the link below.