The 4 Types of Retail Signage Every Business Should Consider

Retail signage is a vital way of promoting your business to potential customers and can easily drive traffic towards your business. But it’s important you choose the right types of signage for your products and services. Here are four types you should consider and why.



Posters and Banners

Posters and banners are a great way for you to ensure that you definitely make an impact on your customers. Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, PVC banners, mesh banners, large printed banners or even roller banners look great and are guaranteed to catch your customers’ attention.

Banners remain a great advertising tool and can create an impact even when your store isn’t open. No matter the size or the quantity, you’ll be able to create a successful marketing effort in your banners.

From one-off promotional materials to full national roll-outs for all indoor and outdoor applications, banners are always a successful choice and can work in many different marketing combinations.

Digital Wallpaper

Custom personalised wallpaper can transform the look and feel of your workplace, whether it’s an office or a showroom or even your shop floor or restaurant. Everybody has plain painted walls, don’t they? So, take this opportunity to really stand out and make your walls pop.

The more you stand out, the more likely your business is likely to ingrain an impression in your shoppers’ minds.

Large format printing in your retail space allows you to come up with your own unique designs and convert those into life-size wallpaper or even a fotowall. A fotowall is a life-size photograph instead of your image being made up of cartoon and computer-generated images. They’re really powerful images, especially as a full wall feature size. They really pack a punch and are definitely there to get you noticed.

Light Boxes

Retail spaces are saturated with advertisements and promotions, so you’re going to need to stand out and grip your shoppers. Most shoppers will simply look at promotional posters on the shop walls and not remember them or even take them in. This is where light boxes come in and are a great addition to your marketing efforts.

With the addition of a flattering back light, your images are given an extra level of depth and dimension. When used in combination with your store’s actual lighting and the layout, the environment automatically becomes a lot more attractive, striking and memorable.

Window Graphics

Good window graphics are effective in any retail store. Whether it’s a supermarket, charity shop or a high-end fashion brand, if something looks attractive in the window, the likelihood is that it’ll catch your attention. It might even entice you into going inside the shop.

Digitally printed window graphics can be custom built to pretty much any shape or size and can be positioned either on the inside or the outside of the window.

Many large format printing specialists offer a range of self-adhesive materials that are easy to use and re-position if you need to. Vinyl-cut logos, graphics and lettering are also peel and fade-resistant, so that the quality of your graphics never deteriorates and never looks negatively on your brand.

From advising you on what you should go for to helping you out with applying the graphics, the best specialists are always on hand to help you.

Retail Signage is Important, but it Needs to be Right

Your retail signage is a great way of forming that perfect first impression with potential customers. As the first point of contact your customers are going to have with your business, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your choice of retail signage needs to be good in order to form a strong first impression.

If it’s done incorrectly, then you’re going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons and you could potentially deter shoppers from entering your store and supporting the brand.

At Dominion Print, we’ve helped many retail stores with effective signage. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out our product matrix below and see how we’ve helped other businesses. Plus, see how we could potentially help you improve or create your perfect branded signage.