The Rise of Artificial Moss Walls – Why They’re Proving to Be so Popular

Living walls provide a stunning backdrop for any company, product or event, enhancing your display and giving you a competitive edge. Brilliantly lifelike, maintenance-free and completely customisable, artificial moss walls give you all that without the hassle. 

moss walls


You can disguise unsightly walls and create a focal point with panels of lush faux greenery, all without the expensive installation and space required by real living walls. They’re a fantastic addition to any event or interior and here’s why. 

Bring Nature Indoors

nike moss wall

People have always tried to harness the benefits of nature inside their homes, stores, events and workspaces. But what used to be limited to potted plants has been liberated with the arrival of living walls. 

Artificial moss walls offer a unique (and low maintenance) way to bring the outside in. Their unique properties give you the opportunity to really create that ‘wow’ factor. Use it as a partition, a focal point, signage and more.

It can be hard to plan a memorable event or activation these days without breaking the bank. Eye-catching decor is crucial to a successful event and decorative green walls are a cost-effective way for event managers or co-ordinators to bring nature into a space. They also create an impressive focal point or photo opportunity.

Usually portable and reusable, artificial living wall displays can be taken anywhere and set up with minimal effort. World-renowned footwear and athletics brand Nike utilised a temporary living wall to remind their customers of the nature of their products. It created a stunning backdrop for images and really reinforced their branding.

Natural Acoustic Qualities

moss wall close up texture

An alternative to wall decor, they add colour and texture to any interior space – especially if you want to add a botanical feature at your property or premises. 

But they aren’t just a pretty face. 

Besides providing visual impact, these walls are particularly effective in dealing with noise pollution issues. Moss, both artificial and real, acts as a natural sound absorber which is ideal for any busy event space. And they can look a lot better than plain-coloured sound-absorbing panels.

Low Maintenance and Super Effective

walmart moss sign

Artificial moss doesn’t require any water, sunlight or soil. Most importantly, there’ll be no need to worry about deterioration and fading. These are some of the reasons why artificial green plant walls and signage have become a popular option for both indoors and outdoors – for a range of environments and occasions. 

As effective as they are on their own, moss walls don’t always have to remain simple. There are three types of moss: bun, flat and reindeer. However, you can add other elements to increase the visual effect like colours, flowers, ferns, succulents and branches. 

Huge retailer Walmart wanted to add some calm and creativity to their meditation rooms in their head office. To support the wellness initiative they commissioned “Breathe, Relax, Calm” moss signage to add some zen to the space.

Stand out From the Competition

large moss wall events


Moss walls aren’t something you see every day and it’s guaranteed to gain the interest of passersby. They’re versatile enough that they can cover the entire wall or be placed in frames to really complement the rest of the décor. 

Giving the illusion that moss is growing out of the walls can really allow you to make a statement, even with a limited amount of floor space. Which leads us onto our next point about space-saving.

Utilises Precious Space

vanity fair moss walls

When it comes to hiring a venue or setting up an exhibition booth, floor space is precious. By planting vertically, you can utilise all the space you have. Short-term green walls are an affordable and space-efficient way to bring your event to life. 

Vanity Fair’s Oscar party had a moss feature wall, creating an interesting backdrop for celebrities to pose in front of. Paired with a large metallic logo, it was the perfect spot for a photograph. 

Artificial moss walls are great for visual impact, anywhere you put them. They work in synergy alongside other event materials like large format print, signage and 3D projection mapping. If you’re looking for more information about elevating your brand, you’ve come to the right place. 


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