The Top Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail

Digital signs are growing in effectiveness but dropping in price, making them a tempting proposition for many businesses. Their importance to retailers was reflected by a survey of 1,000 shoppers which found that 68 percent agreed that digital signage influences their decision to buy the product that’s being advertised. If you’re still on the fence, then here are the top benefits of digital signage that’ll change your mind.

 The Top Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail

Why Your Retail Space Needs Digital Signage

Digital signage is an upgrade on traditional paper alternatives. They include signs and screens and can display everything from video and media to information and adverts. The right paper signage could have a positive impact on sales but they can’t compare to the dynamic or interactive signs now available.

Some of the key reasons you should make the switch are:

1. Digital Displays Grab Attention

Like traditional light boxes, we can’t help but look at a moving image as we walk past a display. Without even realising it, we’ve been drawn in by the screens or signs and taken notice of what it’s showing us. Digital displays that are placed in windows demand that we look at them whereas traditional ones are easier to ignore.


2. Content Can Be Tailored to the Right Audience

Dynamic digital signs can be changed and altered immediately, allowing you to tailor content to the audience at that time. For example, your store might expect to have a different kind of customer during the morning on a weekday than on a Saturday afternoon. Choose the content that best suits the most common shopper at that time and increase customer numbers.


3. enhances Marketing of Specific Products

Because digital signage can be easily changed and customised depending on your specific needs, you’re able to enhance the marketing of a specific product or service.

If you have an offer or product that you think will be successful, then you can change the signage to just show that one particular thing. This allows you to share information on that product and compare them to see which sells the best at different times.


4. They Can Be a Source of Advertising Revenue

Although not for everyone, digital signage can feature promotional messaging from other brands. If you partner with another retailer, then it’s a great opportunity to include material from them to strengthen the relationship you have with them.

If you have a window display or storefront on the high street, for example, then you can charge time on your screens to anyone that wants to advertise something.


5. Rich, Entertaining and Affordable Content

In the past, it would be expensive if businesses wanted to incorporate photo or video into their marketing material. Now, thanks to digital signage, it’s easier than ever to use video, live data or animations for marketing purposes without the need to stretch your budget.

Now, retailers can use graphs, sound and video to entertain customers and advertise products in an engaging way.


6. Increased Brand Awareness

A customer might buy from your store without ever really taking the time to understand who you are and what you offer. They’ve found the product they wanted but are unlikely to return in the future or be able to recommend you to a friend.

Digital signs can be used to give a quick rundown of your company, its ethos and the products available. In the past, you’d need paper marketing or a member of staff to do this, but both are ineffective and unwanted by the customer.

Screens can be used to display a wider variety of content than paper in a far more engaging way. This allows you to deliver a consistent brand message to customers who will leave with a better understanding of who you are.


7. Improved Customer Experience to Boost Sales

The latest innovations in digital signage are changing the way that consumers shop and make decisions in stores. Retailers are using the latest tech to improve the experience that customers have. A happy customer is more likely to be one that spends money, so these innovations are vital.

Audi is just one brand that’s using digital signs to delight customers and boost sales. It isn’t possible to have a full range for Audi cars in a small shopping centre store, so they’ve created digital showrooms using screens to let customers view their preferred models and features.


Combine Digital Signage with Large Format Prints for the Best Chance of Success

Digital signage is a fantastic addition to any business’ marketing arsenal, but it isn’t the only option available. Think about the different combinations of techniques and how they can boost sales and improve the experience of customers when they enter the store.

If you’re not sure which marketing materials best suit your specific industry and shop type, then download our free product guide using the link below. It compares the products we have available by price, suitability and types to help you to make the right choice.