What Can I Produce with Large Format Printing in 2019?

If you’re after oversized visual displays, large format printing is the technique you’d want to go for. If it’s anything big and bold, this specialist technique is the only one that will be the right fit. Here’s what you can produce with large format printing.

Large Format Printing Example

In the print industry, the term “large format” is rather relative as the maximum print sizes can vary from print firm to print firm. But generally speaking, a large format printer will be able to print:

Tension Graphics

The graphics will be printed directly onto the fabric and stretched to be fitted into a frame. This leaves a smooth and flawless result which enhances any interior or exterior space, such as showrooms, window displays, exhibitions and road shows, and is highly cost-effective.

Printed on fabric with a stitched edge that grips onto a frame, tension graphics can help your imagery stand out. The fabric can either be thick and chunky to make a statement or discreet to allow the graphics to take the limelight.

You can use tension graphics for a variety of installations, from wall and ceiling hangings, single and double-sided, and free standing banners, flags and signs. Plus lots more. There are no size limits when it comes to tension graphics and you can choose from a range of materials to print on.

Building Wraps, Hoardings, Billboards and Posters

If you want to make an instant statement and catch attention easily and quickly, these large-scale exterior printed materials are a great way to go about it. Building wraps, hoardings, billboards and posters are arguably some of the largest forms of external advertising material and great for high impact promotion of your business, product or service.

Size isn’t an issue when it comes to large format printing because any good large-scale printing specialist will be able to assist you right from the initial concept and designing to installation and eventual removal when your campaign is over.

Bespoke Digital Wallpaper

Custom photo wallpapers can transform the look and feel of any workspace, from office and showroom to shop floor and restaurant. Plain painted walls are easily forgotten. Instead, having a unique wallpaper design can help to increase brand awareness and authority in the minds of the people who see it.

Large format printing allows you to come up with unique designs and convert those into life size wallpaper or even fotowalls – murals that consist of real life photographs instead of cartoon and computerised graphics.

Printed Floor Graphics

Like a digital wallpaper or fotowall, printed floor graphics can help your business make a massive impact and raise brand awareness. Floor graphics can be used around exhibition stands, shop window displays, cafes, restaurants, offices and any other retail environment. And they don’t need to be for permanent usage either – wayfinding flooring is great for promoting temporary events or guerrilla marketing.

A large format print specialist uses super wide format machinery that can print flooring in up to 5m wide sections. These graphics can be printed onto light-use, heavy-duty or temporary materials for use in both interior and exterior environments.

Light Boxes, Roller Banners, Flags and Other Signage

If you’re looking for a way to make your exhibitions, showrooms, shops and restaurants stand out, imaginative signages such as professional light boxes, roller and event banners and flags can go a long way. Flags and banners can make a classic impact and 24 hour exposure for your business. A large format printer can produce these signs in a variety of materials, including PVC, mesh, canvas and more.

For a more contemporary approach, you could incorporate professional light boxes. A backlit lightbox solution can turn your menu, fabric graphic or signage from something ordinary into a dramatic, colour-dense, vibrant image that people will be impressed by.

Light boxes can come as either free standing or wall-mounted structures and some printing companies produce them using economical, low energy LED lighting so your product is wallet and environmentally friendly.

Window Graphics

To make sure that your shop, cafe, restaurant or office window is eye-catching and memorable, window graphics can help you make that impact. Digitally printed window graphics can be pretty much any shape or size and positioned either on the inside or outside of the window.

Many large format printing specialists offer a range of self-adhesive materials that are easy to use and re-position if necessary. The vinyl-cut logos, graphics and lettering are also fade and peel-resistant. However, the best specialists remain on hand to guide you through the process – from advising you on the best options to suit your needs to expertly measuring, manufacturing and applying the graphics.

Crowd Barrier Covers

Frequently seen outside coffee shops, restaurants and at concerts, festivals and other outdoor events, crowd barrier covers are a great way to utilise your exterior spaces and make your business or event even more noticeable. Barrier covers are an excellent alternative to the ordinary metal security fencing and perfect for any outdoor event.

Typically, crowd barrier covers are made from durable, washable and waterproof materials such as mesh, vinyl or fabric canvas, and fully colour printed on either one or both sides. A specialist won’t just print your covers – they’ll also supply the posts, cross rails and any equipment you might need to stabilise your barrier covers.

Point of Sale Printing and Free Standing Display Units

If you’re after something bespoke to make your display or exhibition stand extra memorable, you might want to consider Point of Sale (POS) printing to create free standing display units (FSDU). A large format printing expert will provide hanging and pop-up structures, signs, stands, wobblers and any other form of display you might have in mind to allow your brand or product to stand out.

Podiums and Furniture

A custom designed podium and other pieces of furniture can help take your exhibitions, trade shows and displays to the next level. They tend to be easy to transport, assemble and take apart. The display furniture products don’t have to be used just for exhibitions and trade shows either – you can have them for permanent usage in offices, receptions and showrooms.

A large format printing expert will help you right from design to construction and then  deconstruction. The designers will work on your brief to produce vibrant, innovative, display furniture to ensure that your brand and message are noticed.

Parasols and Marquees

From marquees and canopies to awnings and parasols, exterior display products help to enhance the external appearance of your business. They allow you to utilise your outdoor space for promotional purposes.

Marquees, awnings, canopies, walkway covers and parasols don’t just help you increase brand awareness and make you stand out among your competitors but they also provide outdoor protection and create extra space for your customers to engage with your brand.

Ready to Talk About Large Format Print?

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