Which will work for you?


Which will work for you?

Backlighting is definitely one of the most impressive ways to add life and excitement to your display. Whether it’s outdoors at night or indoors in a dimly-lit environment, the effect can be magical.


Even in daylight or in a space that’s already well-lit, backlit displays stand out, adding sparkle to a model’s eyes and highlighting every detail of your product.

However, it does come with its own limitations – space is required for the lighting apparatus, so a totally flush installation isn’t always possible without building the display into the wall. You also need access to power in the perfect location – otherwise you have the added trouble of safely and discreetly running power to your display.

Forget limitations

This is where fluorescent printing comes in. For those limited on time, budget or space, our brilliant fluorescent printing options will add the  magic you normally can only achieve from backlighting without the faff. This is the perfect option for portable or outdoor displays with no power available.

Make your displays pop

Let’s say you do have plenty of space, and your main concern is creating the most exciting, impactful display possible – that’s when lighting and fluorescent can combine to create absolutely stunning effects.

In a well-lit place, a backlit display with fluorescent printing will stand out and ensure your customers won’t be able to tear their eyes away.

Next level fluoro

Where fluorescent really comes into its own, however, is with UV lighting. A simple UV spot aimed at your fluorescent print creates a mind-blowing effect.

fluo gif

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