8 Amazing Trade Show Booth Marketing Ideas

The people you’re marketing to expect a lot now. Boring trade show booths don’t attract visitors and they obviously don’t help sales either. You need something a lot more exciting. Coming up with fresh and exciting ideas can seem like a challenge at first, but there are so many innovative trade show booth marketing ideas you can easily implement that’ll make you stand out from your competition and keep your booth full to the brim.

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Here are eight amazing and engaging marketing ideas you should consider for your next event.

1. Offer Freebies

Your booth is likely going to be one of many competing for the attention of all the visitors inside the venue. It’s easy for visitors to feel overwhelmed and forget the name of the majority of the businesses they spoke to, so how do you stand out?

Pens, brochures, leaflets and goodie bags are all freebies that the majority of your competitors might offer. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer these goodies, just think a little more outside-of-the-box with the freebies you offer.

Keep them branded and make sure the freebies are useful. Witty t-shirts they won’t want to throw away, branded USB sticks they can actually use or even clever gadgets are all creative ideas you can try. Keep them on-brand and your company’s name will stay fresh in their mind.

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2. Add a Wireless Charging Station

How many times do you see people walk into an Apple store, unplug one of the phones from the stand and quietly wait around for their own devices to charge? The funny thing is, they probably don’t have any intention of buying anything at all.

Still, being surrounded by Apple products means they’re continuously being marketed to.

Do the same at your trade show booth. Offering an incentive as simple as a wireless charging station means visitors whose phone juice is running low are likely to head to your booth for the sole purpose of using the charging station.

Then, use their time at your booth as the perfect opportunity to grab and keep hold of their attention.

3. Hold Competitions

Everybody loves a good competition, especially if there’s a worthwhile prize on offer for the winner at the end. This simple idea is great for visitor engagement, even if it’s a simple spin and win prize wheel. Add a leaderboard for healthy competition, provide a prize for the overall winner of the day and you’ll create plenty of follow-up opportunities with your attendees who’ll hover around to see how everyone is doing.

Plus, you’ll have visitors that have taken part coming back all day to your booth to see where they stand. Obviously, the first step to actually grabbing interest in the first place is to have off-the-wall displays which gauge plenty of interest.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is integrated into every aspect of our day-to-day lives, so it’d be a shame if you didn’t make your presence known, utilised and remembered by your attendees by using social media. Although, it stretches a lot further than just Snapchat filters (which are still great to use, by the way).

Just take a look at what some major companies have done through the use of social media. Coca-Cola selected a number of London train stations to debut a Twitter-powered vending machine by distributing free t-shirts.

Instead of asking for money, the only way for visitors to get their hands on what’s inside was to tweet a dedicated hashtag. Innovation at its best – it had people talking on social media and can increase the following of your brand.

coca cola vending machineImage Credit: Campaign Live

There are still so many ideas: Moet used a Snapchat game, Visixtwo used custom-branded emojis, Luster used attendees’ images to create a social media mosaic and Skrite took advantage of augmented reality.

5. Offer a Place to Relax

Just like a wireless charging station is a great way to draw visitors in, so is an area to help visitors relax. If you can offer this in your booth area, then it’s likely that more people will visit your stand, whether it’s the wireless charging stations, fresh coffee, remote working spots or even hooking up a games console.

Food is also a great conversation starter and can encourage visitors to stop by your booth. Offer small snacks, hot food and a place to sit back and relax and you’ll have enough incentives for visitors to talk to you.

6. Get People Involved

Visitors probably aren’t going to be engaged enough by your booth if all you’re doing is constantly talking. Instead, get them involved with some fun activities to give them an experience they won’t forget.

Depending on the type of business, you can go as simple as engaging your guests’ senses in a miniature kitchen to provide an interactive experience right through to getting a lot more physical.

A popular trend we’re seeing is that food and activity can draw a crowd. One booth at Inception Worldwide had their attendees pick out their favourite flavours and then made them cycle to blend a smoothie or cocktail.

The end result? They had fun, they had their own smoothie and created a memorable connection between the brand and the attendee.

7. Grab Attention With Printed Flooring

Amazing displays are one thing, but it can be easy to forget about utilising all of the floor space you have available. Keeping it blank means you’re missing an opportunity to create a cohesive design and as you have a lot of open floor space for your booth, it’s smart to capitalise on it.

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Printed flooring is a popular choice to go with, especially at trade shows because they can create interest and attract plenty of visitors to your booth. Keep it on brand and engaging as the right type of flooring ties the whole look and feel of your booth together to provide total brand immersion.

8. Use Attractive Display Stands

For your trade show booth to be an actual success, it can all boil down to having an incredible display stand that instantly demands attention from visitors. The great thing about including a killer display is that you aren’t limited to just a couple of options. You can combine plenty of different design features to create something truly unique to your brand.

This can range from printed flooring, tension frame systems, lightboxes, wallpapers, fabrics, banners, flags and even aluminium hoardings for your booth to really stand out from the competition.

Using a company that provides bespoke solutions and are experts in trade show booths, you can enjoy plenty of benefits by making your displays stand out. Doing something different and having an attractive display stand is great to drive interest through curiosity and leave your booth as the most memorable one.

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