Our Latest Job: The Copenhagen Project

In January, Dominion Print were commissioned by MMS Marketing Services to produce the displays and other large printed materials for an event in Copenhagen. The event, which is held every year, promoted and showcased heavy drills and work machinery. It was a huge success and we’ll be producing the job for our client again next year. We’ll explain why it was such a success and how Dominion Print helped.

Copenhagen Project 3D print and tension graphic in the background

About the Project and Our Client

Our client, MMS Marketing Services, has been organising exhibitions for their clients for a while and this particular project was held in Copenhagen. The showcase event was a large campaign, and promoted work machinery, such as drills, and how they’ve developed in the market over the years. Attendees were able to get their hands on new tools and see how they worked in workshop sessions.

Thousands of dealers, manufacturers and distributors were present at the event – all of them showcasing their latest products and innovations. Dominion Print’s task was to help our end user stand out among the crowd.

Spirit level tension fabric graphic with floor graphics on the pavestones

How Dominion Print Helped

No campaign is easy to organise but when they’re on as large a scale as this one, they can be especially difficult. In particular, one of the biggest challenges is to coordinate the different pieces of artwork and get them together to your supplier (i.e. “us”). As each individual artwork usually comes in pieces and not all together, and different sizes and finishes, it’s important that we help make the customer’s life as easy as possible.

Tables with tension fabric graphics around the room

And that’s not the end of it. Every single item still has to be individually packed and labelled for the client. When it’s a large campaign like this exhibition, there are often many different items which need packing and labelling, which makes this task very time-consuming and exhausting to organise.

Tension fabric graphics around the room displaying power tools.

Dominion Print helped by lending a hand in organising and compiling these pieces together. We produced masses of large printed material for our client, including banners, flags and various other signage, and helped pull the whole campaign together.

Large printed walls showing construction workers

The last few campaigns have gone like a dream, which is why MMS Marketing Services has been working with us for over eight years and keeps coming back to us.

What Products Did Dominion Print Produce?

We mainly produced banners, tension graphic systems and other types of signage based on designs provided by our client. Made from banner and polygen material, these products were built for durability and to stand out. We used reel to reel and dye sublimation print for banners and fabrics respectively.

Fabric tension graphic showing a range of power tools

One of our challenges was to match the colours to requirements provided by our client because the end product obviously has to be precise and correctly printed, from the fabric to the intensity of the colour. Dominion Print made sure that the work we produced precisely matched the brief.

Printed floor and wall graphics showing construction workers and power tools

What’s So Great About Large Format Printing?

When you’re trying to promote your company in an exhibition, one of your biggest challenges is trying to stand out and be more memorable than your competitors. This is, of course, much more challenging when it’s a huge trade show with thousands of other businesses present.

Tension graphics displayed down a corridor.

Large format printing can help your brand be more noticeable in a variety of ways. These include:

  • Its size – a large banner or flag with your logo on it will obviously be much more eye-catching than a brochure, for example. People will notice this sign from a distance and when they approach, they might be tempted into picking up your brochure and finding out more about you.  
  • The impact it has and the exposure it can give you – because large format printing is so huge, you’re ensuring instant impact. For example, it’s near-impossible to not notice a giant building wrap – it’s that massive. And when people notice you, it’s up to you to create something so mesmerising that they remember you.
  • Its creative potential – large format printing gives you a wider scope for creativity than smaller printed products. They can range from anything traditional like a sign that can be as huge as you want to a branded podium, sculpture or even a 3D projection. This creative potential allows you to gain even more exposure.

Interested in Finding Out More About What Large Format Printing Can Do for Your Business?

Large format printing can benefit a business in many ways. If you’re interested in finding more about the many types of large format printing and what they can bring to your business, take a look at our product catalogue, or take a look at our inspiration page.