Exhibition & Staging

Visual Display

The Client
The client is a full service AV supplier providing staging sets, sound, lights, graphics and full speaker support for conferences and exhibitions.

The Challenge
The client required a 12 metre deep display they could hang from a ceiling. The display needed to be suitable for showing high quality projected images as well as having its own integral graphics. Traditionally, the client would permanently fix stretched fabric graphics around large timber frames but it was not possible to suspend these wooden frames from the ceiling because of the weight. In addition, they were both cumbersome and costly, requiring the hire of four men at £1000 per day, and an articulated wagon for transportation. This meant that the graphics wouldn’t be interchangeable.

The Solution
Dominion built a bespoke version of our Tensionpix product. Light enough to suspend from a ceiling, easily transportable and simple to assemble, our specially built Tensionpix solution was a modular aluminium frame which easily fixed together plus a pre-printed fabric graphic which stretches tight over the entire frame to create a screen. As the fabric covers the entire screen, by printing different graphics on each side, it is possible to gain a second display screen simply by turning the frame around, a process which takes just 15 minutes.

The Impact
Dominion’s solution provided the client with a high quality display frame and projector screen light enough to suspend from a ceiling, saved considerable manpower and transport costs, and gave them the added benefit of two displays in one. As the aluminium frame can be re-used – not always the case with wooden frames – there was a saving there too.

50% saving in assembly costs
75% saving in transportation costs
60% saving in ongoing manufacturing costs
Added bonus of 2-in-1 display