Something to hide? Do it in style with printed building and scaffolding wraps

Let’s be honest: building works can leave things looking like a mess. Whether it’s a new build or a refurbishment, the dust and clutter doesn’t usually give the kind of impression you want.

Building wraps, scaffolding wraps, and hoardings help keep things safe by catching falling debri and keeping people out of the building site – and they also offer great opportunities for display.

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Build excitement for what’s coming

People are, by nature, curious about things that are blocked from view. They want to know what’s coming – and when.

The simplest solution is also the most elegant – a life-sized realistic mockup of the finished works, along with expected dates of completion (but only if you’re confident in meeting those dates – it’s always a bit cringey to see an expected completion date that passed the year before!)

It’s also nice to put a few small viewing windows in your hoardings so the curious passersby can peek at your progress.

Space for sale – or for a good cause

Wraps and hoardings aren’t free, sadly, and you may want to focus your budget on the work going on behind – so why not see if anyone is interested in some extra-large advertising space? They may cover the cost and then some for the wraps and hoardings you need to keep your site protected.

It can also be a great opportunity to offer the space to charities and causes that you support.

Something a little crazy

Building and scaffolding wraps offer some of the largest printable space in the city landscape – why not take advantage of this to do something really out-there?

Imagine a natural history museum wrapped in the tentacles of a giant sea monster, or a performance space covered in dancers four stories tall.

A great opportunity, however you choose to use it

Building wraps, scaffolding wraps, and hoardings offer an exciting opportunity to advertise or improve the short-term aesthetics of a building or area. Given the extensive space on offer, they’re perfect for telling a story that can be enjoyed by people as they pass by, or displaying lots of facts and data that wouldn’t work well with other large formats.


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