3 Benefits of Retail Floor Graphics for Your Business

No space should be wasted when it comes to marketing your business to customers and that includes the floor. Graphics and decals on the floor can be used to grab attention, lead customers to your desired destination and reinforce your brand’s identity. We love retail floor graphics and their benefits and have found some of our favourite examples to act as inspiration.

Be inspired - sandy floor graphics

Why Your Business Should Install Floor Graphics

No matter your size or industry, floor graphics will raise your profile and can be used to encourage customers into your store. Here are some of the top benefits to floor graphics:


Attention Grabbing

Floor graphics aren’t something that a customer comes across every day. Unlike window displays and light boxes, they’re a little more unique and eye-catching so they immediately grab the attention of whoever’s walking on them.

Decals and graphics on the floor often catch people off guard, especially if they’re somewhere that you wouldn’t expect, like an escalator or on the stairs. Because you’re more likely to grab someone’s attention, you have a better chance of connecting with them which, in turn, means they take notice of your product or message.



Firstly, floor graphics can have a purely practical purpose. They can be used to direct customers or visitors to the right place. If you have different departments within your store, then floor graphics can be followed by customers to the section they’re looking for.

This removes confusion, allows you to create an easy-to-understand store pathway and helps customers to find the products they want in a much quicker time. If they can’t find what they need, then they’re more likely to get frustrated and go elsewhere.

Secondly, floor graphics can be used in a directional sense to essentially grab customers from elsewhere and bring them to you.

Footsteps are always a popular choice because they’re easy to follow and can contain intriguing offers to entice someone. Write a tempting offer and have footsteps lead from it to your store and you’ll see an increase in the number of customers through your door.


creative and Unique

Retail floor graphics are an opportunity to be creative. You can use them to make an excellent first impression and stand out from your competitors. The very best designs are an attraction all by themselves and businesses can take advantage of free advertising as customers take photos and share them on social media.

Keep in mind that what might work as a sign on a wall or window display might not be as effective on the floor. Don’t have the floor graphics contain a lot of text that’s inconvenient to read. The last thing you want is customers getting frustrated with each other because they’re covering information by standing on it.


Our Favourite Floor Graphics

escalator floor graphic

Although this example isn’t for a retail store, its concept is exactly what businesses should be trying to replicate. An advert for the Brazilian National Geographic channel, the graphic appears to be coming alive. It’s perfect for starting a conversation and encourages shares on social media. Despite its terrifying image, it still has all the information that someone would need to tune in and watch the show.

Footstep floor graphics

We love how simple and direct this example is. We’re not exactly sure what the footsteps are leading us to but we can’t help but be intrigued by them. As we’ve said, footsteps are always a popular choice and it’s easy to see why.

Shoe size floor graphic

This is such a clever idea for helping parents and staff deal with the tricky challenge of measuring a child’s feet. If the child is particularly against the idea of co-operating, then this handy floor graphic can help. All they need to do is place their foot on the graphic and you’ll get a good idea of their shoe size. The vibrant colours are fun and it means there’s no need for any scary measuring tool.

Supermarket floor graphics

This store has used floor graphics to promote a specific product to customers. The ‘broken’ floor is eye-catching as customers instinctively might think there’s a hole in the ground. Once they’re looking at the graphic, they can’t help but be interested in its contents and might be tempted into a closer look at the product.

Nesquik floor graphic

Staying with supermarket floor graphics, this example shows how they can be used in an interactive way. Kids can’t help but play a quick game of hopscotch and are physically taken towards the products that the graphic is trying to sell. As soon as the kids see the treats, the parents are immediately going to be pestered into buying them.

Floor graphics are best used in tandem with other creative displays and marketing materials. Light boxes, window graphics and digital displays are just some of the options that can combine to improve a customer’s experience and ultimately boost sales.


Find the Right Prints to Suit Your Business

If you’re interested in floor graphics or any of the other products we have available that you can use to market your store, then download our product guide. You can use it to compare suitability and product types to find the right options to suit your business. Get your free download now using the link below.