Light Boxes for Retail: How They Persuade Shoppers to Make Purchases

Light boxes bring your signage to life and promote products in the best possible way. They’re an effective yet inexpensive way of boosting sales and transforming your retail space. Here’s why they’re so good at persuading shoppers to part with their hard-earned cash and why your store needs them.

Light Boxes for Retail: How They Persuade Shoppers to Make Purchases


Why Light Boxes are Perfect for Retailers


Messaging that Stands Out

With so many stores and options available, it’s vital that your retail space stands out from the crowd. You might only have a few seconds to convince someone that your store is worth their time, so you need to make sure the first impression they have of you is a good one.

Light boxes are a great way of grabbing someone’s attention and drawing their eye to a particular product or offer that you think they’ll be interested in. Choose their placement carefully though as too many can overwhelm a customer and create a space that’s visually loud and confusing.

Think about which products would benefit from being placed in light boxes. Alternatively, you might use light boxes to promote an offer or sign, but again, you’ll need to consider the effectiveness of your choice and how a light box will impact them.


Products Look Their Absolute Best

To give your products the best chance of selling well, they need to be presented in the best possible way. You’ll know all too well about the importance of eye level products and pathways through your store, but you should consider the positive impact of a light box on product sales.

Products that look good sell better than those that don’t. Light boxes help with this by fully showing off a product’s depth, texture, colour and detail. Just by having the right lighting, a product can look more tempting to a shopper and be the reason they actually purchase it.


Unique Way to Light Your Space

Light boxes offer more than just illumination for signs or products. They’re a unique and interesting way of lighting your store. Complement them with your existing lighting to create a bright and open space that’s welcoming for customers.

Alternatively, use the boxes as light focal points that shoppers are then drawn to. As the main providers of light in an area, customers can’t help but take notice of them and the products they’re showcasing.

Think about how much light you want there to be in your store. Dark and exclusive can work for some brands, but there needs to be enough light for shoppers to actually see and buy your products. Too bright and you’ll just give your staff headaches. It’s about finding the right balance to suit your style and your target audience.


Flexible and Customisable

Light boxes for retail stores can be wall mounted or floor standing to suit your specific needs. They’re easy to move around the store and are flexible enough to be used in all kinds of ways.

Available in different shapes, sizes and types, they’re adaptable and can be used to great effect in both high-end boutiques and discount deal stores. Hang them from the ceiling, use them as tables for larger items or use stretch fabric light boxes to illuminate large images. Need a little inspiration? Check out this blog on our favourite uses of light boxes in retail stores.  


Other Displays That Will Attract Customers

Light boxes can complement other displays and signage to give your store a fresh look that entices customers through the doors.

Free Standing Display Units

Perfect for highlighting one product or range in particular, free standing display units (FDSU) give you more room to work with. They’re simple to set up and easy to move around the store to suit your changing needs. A simple way of having a competitive edge over your competition and boosting sales.

fsdu F1 car

A lifesized cardboard F1 car – the perfect example of a FSDU.

Window Graphics and Displays

Your store window is the first impression that customers have of you and an opportunity for you to show passersby why they should spend time inside. Graphics can grab their attention and highlight sales you might be having. Digital signage is the ultimate addition to any window, giving customers video and information to encourage them to shop with you.

Window graphic example

Window graphics are great at attracting instant attention.

Barriers and Awnings

Whether you’re a large chain or a growing small business, brand recognition is vital. Creating a consistent brand message and image is easier with printed awnings and barriers. Customers will see your store from far away and know exactly who you are, what you sell and what to expect when they visit.

Great north run crowd barrier cover

Crowd barriers – great at keeping crowds under control and boosting brand awareness.

Interested in Products to Transform Your Store?

Light boxes are just one of the options available to you if you’re looking to transform your retail space and improve customer experience. For more information on the different marketing materials you should consider, download our free product guide. It compares items by price and suitability to help you find the perfect products to suit your needs.

Download the suitability chart now using the link below.