Jaguar Land Rover New Car Launch

The Client
Jaguar Land Rover Limited is a British multinational automotive company which designs, develops, manufactures and sells vehicles. It is a subsidiary of Tata Motors (India), which acquired the separate Jaguar and Land Rover businesses – each with long histories going back to the 1940s – in 2008.

The Challenge
Jaguar Land Rover needed new wall and window-mounted graphics for a major new car launch. The wall-mounted displays they were already using consisted of heavy MDF backings wrapped in sheets of vinyl which were too heavy for showroom staff to change safely. However, for this particular job, time was of the essence and the new large scale graphics had to be light and uncomplicated enough for showroom staff to install overnight.

The Solution
Using our Tensionpix product, Dominion designed a series of light, aluminium frames that were pre-drilled for easy fixing to the walls. The graphic for each frame was printed on lightweight, washable fabric that was easy for showroom staff to stretch across the frame and click into place using a small credit card tool we provided to tuck in the corners. The graphics were posted out in Jiffy bags, for minimal cost and with no risk of any in-transit damage.

The Impact
As a result of Dominion’s solution, Jaguar Land Rover now have more control over their own displays. They cut their costs and also slashed the time it took to take new product launches to market. Dominion are now Jaguar Land Rover’s preferred supplier for this kind of display and supply their showrooms across the entire UK.