Building & Development

Vanilla Lettings

The Client
Vanilla Lettings is an independent letting agency based in Huddersfield. It specialises in student accommodation

The Challenge
Vanilla Lettings were looking for a way to make their rental properties more appealing to the influx of young Chinese people choosing to further their academic studies in Huddersfield.  Their experience of this market was that they have a deep appreciation of British history and culture and Vanilla Lettings asked Dominion to find a way to use this knowledge to their advantage.

The Solution
Dominion proposed using our MyFotoWall technology to create a series of bespoke wallpapers featuring attractive and archetypal British images that would appeal to Chinese students’ love of British culture and history. Dominion sourced all the necessary images and printed each wallpaper to the exact specification of each individual rental property.

The Impact
Vanilla Lettings love the new wallpapers which have made a positive impact. They have the added benefit of making it less likely that tenants will want to hang their own pictures on the walls, thus reducing maintenance costs between tenancies. As a result, Vanilla Lettings asked Dominion to continue helping them with their refurbishment roll-out.


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