4 Top Tips to Find the Best Large Format Printing Companies

From signs and hoardings to light boxes and floor graphics, large format printed products are everywhere. Event and marketing managers are using these products as well as leaflets and brochures to stand out even more at exhibitions. But, there are many things to consider when you’re choosing a printing company to accommodate your needs. Here are some tips on how to choose the best large format printing companies.

Examples of Large Format Print in Sport

There are many printing companies advertising their range of products, quick turnaround times and high quality prints. To help you sort through them and find the one that’s best for you, consider these questions:

  • Do They Offer a Wide Range of Products and Services?
  • Will the Product Quality Live up to Your Standards?
  • Can They Deliver on Time?
  • Are You Getting the Right Price and Product?

Do They Offer a Wide Range of Products and Services?

There are many different types of large format printed products. It isn’t just posters and signs. You could have building wraps, light boxes, crowd barriers, floor graphics and much more.  When it comes to using printed products to boost brand awareness, you need to be choosing the best ones to suit your business.

That’s why you should be seeing whether the printing company offers a wide range of products so you have a choice. Look for specialists who offer products of all sizes so whether you want smaller posters and subtle displays with an interactive billboard and 3D projections, their innovative solutions will have you covered, regardless of the scope of the project.

There’s a reason why big brands like Coca Cola and Apple invest in massive printed campaigns and plaster their imagery on the sides of buses. But the presentation and style is consistent with magazine and TV adverts.

Seeing what you “held in your hand” last week, now blown up and covering the side of a city centre building is impressive, and great for authority and brand awareness. Large format printed products like billboards and building wraps are easily noticed because they’re so huge.

A printing specialist who doesn’t have a size limit will get your brand noticed just that tiny bit more and this can can make all the difference.

How Can I Find This Out?

There are many large format printing companies who will say they cater to a wide range of needs but how can you be sure? You should:

  • Ask to see their portfolio and read their client testimonials. Can you see if they’ve done something similar for the vision you have in mind?
  • Ask to meet the team and brainstorm discussions with them. Not only will you be able to get a grasp of whether the company can deliver what they’re promising, but you will also be able to connect with them through brainstorming and see if their imaginations and yours ‘click’.
  • Ask to have a tour of their office. The company should be able to talk (and walk) you through their on site production facilities and meet their in-house installation teams. Some printing companies offer large format printing capabilities but they don’t actually have the equipment for it. Instead, they outsource which might not be a problem, but you can “cut out the middleman” and have more direct communication with a printing team if you choose a company who actually specialises in large printed products.

And in turn, the company should:

  • Have a dedicated project or account manager who can keep you thoroughly in the loop with regular updates and be highly accessible in case you have any queries or run into issues.
  • Be asking you a lot of questions about your project. This indicates that they’re actually getting to know you and your needs so they can help you execute your creative vision in the best possible way.

Will the Product Quality Live Up to Your Standards?

When you’re looking for a visual way to promote a product, it’s obvious how important quality is – particularly when it’s going to be something as large as a billboard or building wrap.

You don’t want poor quality, cheap-looking graphics. You want high quality, sharp colours and stunning imagery to make a positive impression on your audience.

That’s why you should be evaluating the quality of the printed product. Can the printing company live up to your standards?

Look for a printing specialist who has experience in providing large and super-large visual solutions to a variety of company sizes. That means they’ll have the knowledge and experience to help you find the best approach for you, your vision and your company.

A specialist with a wide range of experience under their belt will have you feeling confident they can create huge masterpieces to help you improve brand awareness and ROI.

Look for a print company who can offer design team assistance and coordination, this helps make sure the finished product is what you’re expecting.

How Can I Find This Out?

Picture this scenario. A printing company delivers your product, but it’s not quite how you imagined. The colours are off, the design’s not right and the material’s not what you wanted at all. In fact, it would have looked better on a different fabric. Worse yet, your deadline’s looming closer than ever.

Avoid this by asking the printing company the right questions and keeping an eye out for a few factors:

  • Ask to see their portfolio and any samples of work. Similar to the first point about offering a wide range of services, simply asking to see their previous work will demonstrate whether the company can deliver your vision.
  • Ask to have a tour of their business printing floor. Again, you need to see whether the company can actually print in as large or as complex a format as you want. They might offer large format printing services but don’t actually have the facilities for it, so they outsource. You can cut out this middleman and make communication much simpler by choosing a printing company that can create your products themselves.
  • Ensure the company asks a lot of questions about your project. Are they actually asking enough to understand what you want to achieve? They shouldn’t needing to bridge over the gaps themselves.

Can They Deliver on Time?

No matter what the size of your company is, time is always a commodity that you can’t afford to waste. We understand that. And when time is so precious, investing in large format printing might almost seem like an unnecessary expense – especially when attention to detail is so important and the littlest thing can impact your campaign.

Using a commercial print service will give you a certain level of professionalism in your work that you may not be able to achieve on your own. But it’s vital that you choose a large format printing specialist who can deliver the products on time without compromising the quality. Communication is a priority too as you want as much support from the printing experts as possible to ensure the smooth running of your project.

How Can I Find This Out?

Not having a product printed on time can have near-disastrous consequences and knock everything in your project timeline back as well as adding additional work and pressure onto your team’s plate.

You can easily avoid this by:

  • Reading client testimonials and talking to your chosen printing company about your project. Are they prepared to commit to a turnaround time? Are they prepared in case of the unforeseeable?
  • Ensuring they have a professional setup and approach to printing. If they can fit you in tomorrow, you should be a little alarmed. No truly reliable company will be able to slot you in that soon.
  • Seeing if they respond to communication in a timely, organised and helpful manner. The project or account managers should be able to guide you smoothly through the printing process, from start to finish.

Are You Getting the Right Price and Product?

One of the biggest deciders when it comes to choosing a printing specialist is the cost. For all companies.

Understandably, you want the best quality product that’s delivered on time and at the best possible price. The “best possible price” can mean different things to different people. For example, it doesn’t necessarily mean settling for the cheapest product as it might result in lower quality, nor does it mean investing in the most expensive solution just because the supplier suggests it.

Sometimes, the right solution for you might not be either of these options. A trustworthy print supplier will outline this to you and provide advice to make sure you use the right method and get the right final product for your goal. Not your budget.

Be aware that not every company will have the printing capabilities you desire – such as large format printing. Some companies will outsource as they don’t have the equipment. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can lead to miscommunication or issues in trying to talk to the right person because there are more parties involved in the printing process than there need to be.

For example, Dominion Print specialise in large and super large format imaging and printing. We have super-wide digital applications on site and expert teams of designers, operators and installers to ensure our clients can deliver the best products and service at all times.

You should look for a printing company who understands the importance of balancing needs such as time, quality and value for money. It’s important to remember the worth of your investment. The better the customer service and the faster the turnaround time, the smoother your project will run. And the better your product looks, the better results you’ll get in terms of brand awareness and product exposure.

Find Out More About Large Format Printing

When you’re working on a project and considering large format printing, choosing the right printing company is important but there’s still more to think about. For more information on large format printing, what the different types are and what they can do for you, visit our one-stop resource page.

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Dominion Print are a family-run business who started from humble beginnings. Our company might have expanded quickly and we might have some of the biggest brands on our client list, but our priority is always the customer in front of us and their specific needs.

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