5 Mesmerising Examples of Christmas Projection Mapping

Despite appearing to be relatively new technology, the first use of projection mapping was back in 1969.  A Disneyland ride called ‘The Haunted Mansion’ projected videos of people singing onto busts, as part of the spooky features.

In addition to entertaining Disneyland visitors, projection mapping can be used to wow customers and boost brand awareness. For many businesses, there’s no time of the year when that’s more important than the festive season. In this post, we’ll look at a quick selection of mesmerising Christmas projection mapping examples. 

But first, a quick refresher on what projection mapping is. If you’re already a projection pro, skip straight to the amazing examples below.

Christmas projection mapping

What is projection mapping and why is it used?

Projection mapping is often used as a marketing technique, as it’s an innovative use of technology and an eye-catching way of promoting a brand, idea or product. 

It’s suitable for a range of settings and on a variety of surfaces – both indoor and outdoor. Not only does it demand attention, but it also leaves a lasting impression on those who are either more likely to engage with your brand or at least share what they see on social media.


Amazing examples of Christmas projection mapping

Hotel Cafe Royal

In December 2016, London’s Hotel Cafe Royal used video mapping to project a series of displays on the front of their building in festive celebration. 

Videos included frost-laden window-sills, falling snow, a Father Christmas scaling the building and an ending message of ‘Merry Christmas from Hotel Cafe Royal.’ Bystanders appreciated, enjoyed and even filmed the spectacle. 

Although the video didn’t showcase any of Hotel Cafe Royal’s services, it was a great tool for raising awareness. The hashtags used encouraged onlookers to post videos online which spread the projection far and wide. Plus, by projecting in different languages, they included the many tourists in London that were passing by too. 



Quality Street 

Also in 2016, Nestle teamed up with Asda to produce a festive, interactive experience in their supermarket aisles. 

Wanting to engage customers and ensure their products stood out, they used projection mapping above supermarket shelves. The projections depicted a wintery scene of houses, in which families are seen celebrating Christmas surrounded by falling snow. 

Customers couldn’t help but stop and enjoy the festive scene. The Quality Street products grabbed the attention of customers of all ages and were far more engaging than any of the other displays. 

The projection mapping was a huge success. Asda stores that had the projection reported a 41% increase in Quality Street sales compared to those that didn’t. 




Topman received a lot of online publicity for their Christmas window display at their Oxford Circus store. The display consisted of geometric shapes, onto which animations of various patterns and designs were projected. 

The use of 3D, geometric shapes meant the projection had a variety of surfaces to move between and prevented the display from being static. Unusual, interesting transitions were also used between patterns – such as the effect of the previous one peeling away from the object – to add to the effects.

As the video shows, passersby couldn’t help but slow down and look at the mesmerising projections. Similarly to Hotel Cafe Royal, even if people aren’t then entering the store, they may still be sharing pictures and videos online. Again, this was a great way for Topman to raise awareness and stand out from the competition. 




For the Christmas lights switch-on in Bath, Jolly’s department store projected a fantastic range of festive scenes onto the side of their building. The transitions and effects grabbed the attention of onlookers who enjoyed a wonderful show. 

Like with the other examples on this list, the projection mapping perfectly raised awareness for Jolly’s at the exact right time. Photos and videos were shared on social media, giving Jolly’s great publicity as Christmas approached. 



bicester village

Finally, the video below showcases a visualisation of a retailer’s store front Christmas tree display. The impressive display utilises projection mapping onto the three to display a variety of different patterns, animations and messages. 

For added spectacle, a screen would be placed behind the tree to display accompanying images and video to really catch the eye of passing customers. Passersby would immediately be drawn to the store front and be more likely to enter too. 

It’s a great way for a store to have the most engaging window on the high street and ensure their display is prominent on social media too. 


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These are some of the incredible ways projection mapping can be used for some festive fun which also draws attention to a company or brand. 

It’s more important than ever to stand out and make a statement to capture the attention of your audience, particularly as you compete against online retailers. Customers respond well to new ideas and techniques they haven’t seen or experienced before.


Interested in projection mapping?

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