5 Mesmerising Large Scale Projection Mapping Ideas to Inspire You

Brands need to use innovative techniques to stand out in the oversaturated market. One way they can do this is by leveraging large scale projection mapping into their strategy. As well as being a great way to grab the attention of your audience, projection mapping can also improve publicity and provide huge scope for creativity.

projection mapping on building

Here are five amazing examples of successful large scale projection mapping campaigns which have been pulled off by big brands:


  1. the ‘all in’ campaign – a game changer by adidas
  2. fanta’s dynamic ‘chase’ campaign 
  3. out of the box advertising from hyundai
  4. h&m light up the streets of amsterdam
  5. samsung release the galaxy s

awesome examples of large scale projection mapping


1. the ‘all in’ campaign – a game changer by adidas

To celebrate the launch of their ‘All In’ campaign back, Adidas ran a huge projection mapping display at the Palais du Pharo in Marseille, France. 

The display featured moving images of world-famous sports stars such as Michael Jordan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic being projected onto the face of the building.

As well as being a great way to promote some of the brands clothing, the display was also extremely engaging and created a real buzz amongst members of the audience.

At one point, effects were used which knocked down the historic building before their eyes. As you’ll see in the video below, this left audience members completely stunned.



2. fanta’s dynamic ‘chase’ campaign 

Fanta rolled out its ‘Chase’ campaign a couple of years ago with the aim of making the brand more fun and attractive to the teen market across 190 countries.

As part of the campaign, Fanta ran a brilliant projection mapping display in the centre of Dubai which featured next to the city’s world-famous shopping centre, The Dubai Mall. 

This highlights just how flexible you can be when it comes to projection mapping. It can project on so many different types of architecture, regardless of its shape or intricacies. 

The display was extremely dynamic and full of colour. As it was shown in such a popular location, it was watched by thousands of people and managed to capture the audience perfectly.



3. out of the box advertising from hyundai

Most automobile manufacturers tend to use TV adverts to promote their latest model of car. Hyundai challenged normality and decided to use large scale projection mapping. 

To celebrate the launch of the Hyundai Accent, their marketing team took  to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to run a large scale projection on the side of an abandoned building in the centre of the city. 

The projection created footage of the car driving along the side of the building. Not only did this showcase the aesthetics of the car but it also left the whole audience in awe.



4. H&m light up the streets of amsterdam 

Back in 2010, H&M brought their flagship store to life with an incredible projection mapping display in the centre of Amsterdam. 

Crowds in the thousands gathered in Dam Square to watch the opening of one of the largest H&M stores in Europe. What better way to celebrate than by turning the historic building into a giant dollhouse? 

For over three minutes, the crowd were left amazed by a surreal fairytale of light and magical effects. The projection lit up the Amsterdam sky and created a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to witness it.



5. samsung release the galaxy s

As part of the launch of the Galaxy S, Samsung put together an amazing projection display which featured on the face of a man.

By superimposing clothes, glasses and other features onto the face, Samsung transformed the man’s physical appearance and created the identity of lots of different characters.

Check out the video below and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.



how can you pull off your own large scale projection mapping campaign?

Projection mapping can make a huge impact, regardless of the industry. Here are some top tips to keep in mind which will help you enhance your own project…

determine your budget 

Your projection mapping budget should always be in line with the goals. If you’re looking to go all out like the examples above, make sure you can afford all the necessary resources.

always maximise exposure

You want as many people to see your projection mapping display as possible. Shout about it on social media, post on your website and even use it for other marketing purposes further down the line.

don’t miss any hidden costs

Delivery costs, additional materials, making sure you have all the right equipment. There are lots of extra costs which may pop up out of nowhere on your project. Always keep your eye on the ball.

seek advice from a large format printing specialist

Projection mapping requires specialist knowledge. It’s far from a walk in the park. Always make sure that you work with a company who knows what they’re doing to avoid any mistakes arising down the line.

Before you go ahead and begin your own projection mapping journey. It’s important to know all the facts. We’ve put together a one-stop resource which covers everything you need to know in more detail.

find out more about the world of projection mapping

Large scale projection mapping isn’t easy to pull off if you’re new to the game. It requires lots of planning, understanding the legalities and much more to create campaigns that leave an impression. That’s where our guide can help.

From understanding the process to the different types of project mapping, our resource has all the answers. Check it out for yourself by clicking the button below.