How to Pull Off a Killer Projection Mapping Display for Halloween

Keep the skeletons in the closet and dust those cobwebs away, 3D projection mapping is the only Halloween decoration you’ll need this year to create a devilish display. The technology has massively progressed over the last few years and you’re no longer restricted to flat surfaces.

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Here’s how to create a haunting Halloween projection mapping with just one piece of equipment:


  • 3D Projection Mapping: Reanimation of Event Materials
  • Laser Scan Your Future Haunted House
  • Decide What Type of Spooky Show You Want to Put On
  • Legalities: Even Ghouls Have Rules
  • Turn the Lights off and Wait for the Afterlife


3D Projection Mapping: Reanimation of Event Materials

Projection mapping is quickly becoming a popular way to enhance any event. A simple Google search of ‘Halloween 3D projection mapping’ will present you with a wide variety of videos for inspiration. From coffin to cauldrons, there are visuals readily available that you can use on your own.


There’s no hocus pocus involved here. These impressive and rich visual displays are all achieved by intelligent projection mapping. It can make any surface, regardless of complicated architecture, into a canvas for whatever you want. 

Gruesome beings can roam once more on All Hallow’s Eve, taking over famous landmarks and throwing parties that would wake the dead. Get creative and it can be a major talking point for any event or business if done correctly.


Laser Scan Your Future Haunted House

The first thing to do is to find the perfect place to project. Ideally, it needs to be quite a big space for the full effect to be appreciated. It might be the side of your building or even inside for a more intimate and immersive experience.

Large buildings are usually scanned around a month before the event. So, it might be ideal to start in early September if you’re planning a Halloween display for the entirety of October. 

It’s best practice to scan the building at times when it’s most quiet to avoid any obstructions. Once your designated space is mapped correctly, you won’t have to do it again. Relying on a professional projection mapping specialist to provide this service will mean you can truly pull it off.


Decide What Type of Spooky Show You Want to Put On

You need to consider how you can create the best experience for your guests. Besides having the right equipment, you need to think about what you’re going to project. What’s projected will most likely be a combination of graphic animations and video footage, so having a theme in mind is essential. 

With projection mapping, you can create any sort of experience you’d like. You’re not just limited to Halloween. Corporate events, advertising, Christmas shows and any other seasonal events – it can be changed just by the click of a button. So as soon as the first of November arrives, you can start displaying something else immediately.  


Legalities: Even Ghouls Have Rules

Permission by the owner of the building needs to be granted before you can start projecting any sort of zombie horde. If the projection equipment will be set up in neighbouring properties, you’ll need permission from them too.

Projection mapping is a new way to display visual media in a public space, so it may be classed as a live event that requires a stage permit. Make sure you can contact the relevant people or work with experts who can take care of it for you.


Turn the Lights off and Wait for the Afterlife

Now for the awakening. For the best possible experience, it’s always better to display your projection mapping in the evening. The image will be stronger, more vivid and, of course, the themes are more suited for the night.

3D projection mapping technology has become popular over the years because it’s easily modified. While all projected imagery productions don’t have to be frightful, you can use projection mapping for any event or theme make a big impression.


Create Spectacular Projection Mapping Displays All Year Round

If these hair-raising displays inspired you and want to use this fantastic piece of equipment in your event material arsenal, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re experts in creating amazing projection mapping solutions for events, venues and businesses.

For more information on this service and the other products we have available to work alongside your projection mapping, make sure to download our pricing guide now.