Why You Need an Interactive Floor Projection at Your Next Exhibition

We’ve all been to exhibitions that just aren’t that interesting. A few pictures on the walls, some displays – it’s all very ‘been there, done that.’ Exhibitions nowadays need to be engaging and have that ‘Wow!’ factor that grabs the attention of visitors and ensures your event is memorable. And what better to engage than with interactive floor projections?

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Here’s more information on this compelling technology and how it can increase the impact of your event.


  1. What is Interactive Floor Projection?
  2. How Can Interactive Floor Projection Enhance Your Exhibition?
  3. Why Should You Use Interactive Floor Projection?

What is Interactive Floor Projection?

Interactive floor projections are a popular topic when it comes to creating engaging exhibitions.

They essentially transform a floor into an interactive surface. Depending upon the content, visitors can interact with your projection as either part of a game, display or advertisement. 

Sounds pretty cool – but how does it work? A team will set up a number of projectors, infrared lights and cameras around the desired surface. The projectors will deliver the content and the infrared lights and cameras sense the movement and interaction from someone standing on the surface.

Then, the computer program that engages with this information will alter the projection accordingly. This makes it seem like the actions of the person walking are influencing the projected objects directly.


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It doesn’t just work for one individual either. Interactive projection technology can record and sense multiple people, allowing them all to interact with the projection. This is why interactive floor projection works so well for video gaming and exhibitions – arenas which usually have more than one person participating.

How Can Interactive Floor Projection Enhance Your Exhibition?

Today, people want poignancy and entertainment from an exhibition. They want to be engaged in the exhibit or performance – even if it’s part of a marketing campaign. 

An interactive floor projection can bring an exhibit to life for people who may be otherwise unmoved or uninterested. Imagine a Van Gogh exhibition where you could step into his paintings and influence the colours and images through your movement. It would enhance an exhibition, allowing you to connect more directly with the subject matter.

This is especially important for any marketing or event organiser. If a potential customer connects to your product or message, they’re much more likely to make a decision regarding your organisation.

Why Should You Use Interactive Floor Projection?

Interactive floor projection enhances an event so that it’s fun for everyone involved. Boosting the experience of your visitors is just one benefit you’ll experience when utilising this technology. So what are the others?

It Creates a Talking Point

If you’re looking to create conversation and excitement about your event, interactive floor projections can do just that. If you give people a talking point, they’ll record visual content to be shared online, raising interest in your event and creating awareness for your brand. 

It’s Unique

Similarly, interactive floor projects will set your brand apart in the minds of visitors. The technology isn’t widespread and using it shows your brand is ahead of the game, innovative and cares about the people it does business with by allowing them to become a part of the event. 

Interactive Floor Projection Is Modern Technology

A key thing in setting your brand apart from the rest is capitalising on modern tech. Keeping abreast of the digital and technological landscape of today shows that your organisation keeps its finger on the pulse of modern media. People respect this and in their eyes, it’s you that holds the answers. Having a grasp of and utilising new forms of media, design, advertisement and development show that you’re a thought leader.

Engage a Large Audience and Increase Your Sales

Interactive floor projection doesn’t just involve one user. It can directly engage multiple visitors at your event, giving them something fun to do and delighting them in the process. This will work to make the experience highly memorable and become something they will talk about for a long time afterwards.

If your exhibition or event can influence a person for a long time after it actually finishes, then the money you spent will pay for itself many times over. It’s like running a newspaper advertisement without actually having to pay for it every week. 

The more people you have talking about your brand, the more sales you’ll make at the end of each day. 

Easily Combined with Projection Mapping

If you want to really enchant your visitors, combine interactive floor projection with projection mapping


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Creating a fully-interactive experience by using walls and floors will immerse your visitors in completely new and exciting worlds that you can design.

First impressions are crucial when it comes to entertaining your visitors and increasing brand awareness. It’s important to keep up-to-date with projection and how you can utilise it for your business.

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